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Alone in the Kitchen

Brian, MO, USA
October 2009

Ok I have a short story. This takes place back in the mid 50’s with my great grandmother. She was a VERY religious woman, therefore I have no reason not to believe this story. At that time my great grandfathers aunt Ellie lived with them and was pretty well confined to her room as she was in her 80’s and her mind was almost gone. Aunt Ellie had a sister (Mildred) that lived in Iowa. Mildred had been in failing health for awhile and passed away in her sleep. After a discussion my great grand parents decided not to tell aunt Ellie because they were afraid that if she understood what they were telling her then the heartbreak of losing her last remaining sister might be too much for her. Around a month and a half later aunt Ellie passed away. Everything was fine until 2 weeks after aunt Ellie’s funeral. My great grandmother was doing dishes one afternoon after everyone had gone back to work. From behind her she heard a voice say, ‘Well Mildred I didn’t know you were up here.’? She said it was loud enough she turned around to see who was in the kitchen with her.

There was nobody there. That’s when she realized it was aunt Ellie’s voice. She always said that was aunt Ellie’s way of letting her know that she found out Mildred had passed away and that they should have told. Still kinda creeps me out!

Brian, MO, USA
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