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Always Home

Anonymous, TX, USA
June 2012

This is a feel-good story, 100% true. Not all ghost stories are scary. I know a lot of people won’t believe it, and that’s alright, but a lot of people visit this site because they do believe.

I briefly lived in a house in the mountains in another state last year. Unfortunately it didn’t work out financially for us to be able to stay there, but...I fell in love with the house we’d been in.

It had an occupant. From stories from the previous owner as well as people in the town, I gathered it was the man who’d built the house. I never got to actually see him, but my husband did. He was working in the garden one day, looked up, and saw him standing at our bedroom window on the second floor, just looking out at him. He described him as an old man in overalls, which fit the description of the man who’d built the place. He’d built it for his wife when they’d married and he’d also built the barn in which I found other things he’d built her as well - namely her kitchen table which I restored and brought inside where it belonged.

I did, however, hear him many, many times. Almost every night, in fact. He must have been a hoot in real life because he was very playful. He would tap on the wall right behind the bed at a perfect tempo every night, almost like he was drumming. The tempo would always be different, and I know it couldn’t have been vermin for two reasons, the first being that we had a vermin-eliminating cat who could get into the closet behind the bed because we always left the door open for her and the second reason is that you could just whisper "please stop" if it woke you up, and he would stop. Always. Every time. Worked for both the husband and myself.

On the note of happy, playful spirits, I guess we’re just lucky. This place seems to have one as well. I hear laughter sometimes and see things out of the corner of my eye that dash away, like its just messing with me, and occasionally small things will come up missing only to appear on a table I’ve already searched just moments before. I doubt its senility as I’m not even yet 30 and am well-organized! Whatever it is, its clearly not harmful and is welcome to stay as long as it likes.

Anonymous, TX, USA
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