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Always There

July 2003

I have two experiences to share with you all and my family believes that they are both signs that my grandmother is still with us.

Here is some background information for you:

My grandmother died ten years ago when I was five years old and I still feel as though she has never left my side. She was always a very kind person who loved her friends and family to no extent, and that's why I believed that she came to say goodbye and let us know that she was alright. Sorry I rambled on, so now I'm just going to get on with the story.

The first experience didn't happen to me it happened to my dad and my stepmom soon after my grandmothers death. Here it goes.

My grandmother died suddenly of a brain aneurysm and she basically died in the house (I say this because she went brain dead immediately) anyways, so my grandfather didn't want to be reminded of this so he was trying to sell the house. Well as I said before my dad and stepmom wanted a drink of water so they stopped at the house which was completely empty and I stress this point, no one was around. So they went inside and as they were standing there they heard a woman's voice but they couldn't really understand what she was saying, and my dad thought that it might be the realtor trying to show the house but no one was there. And then thinking that maybe someone was walking down the street he looked and again no one was there. So being really confused he went back inside. There is no clear explanation for the voice but to this day we think that it was my grandmother.

The next experience that took place happened to me (sorry for length) I was sitting down one day thinking about Grammy (my grandmother) and then I asked her to show herself to me one more time and then she did. Now I don't know if it was the trick of the light or my eyes but I swear that I saw her silhouette and she was glowing and very beautiful almost like an angel.

And there are other little things that have led me to believe that she's still with us. Like when my one year old sister is sitting in her crib alone we will hear her and she will keep saying "hi" and we have no idea who its to. We always think that shes talking to someone but I guess we will never really know.

Sorry for length and thanks for reading.

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