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Am I Ghost Sensitive or Hallucinating?

October 2005

My experience with hauntings started back in the 70’s in CA.

The story is that the house was owned by a movie star Max Terjune. His wife passed away in the house years before we moved in. We moved in the home in 1970. Nothing was seen until after the 71 earthquake. After that my parents would say they saw a vision walk from the hallway to the restroom but never really thought anything about it until the grandson of Max Terjune came and told us that his grandparents once lived there and she had passed away on the sofa.

At that point we named our ghost Mrs Terjune. My experience really did not start until the late 70’s.

As I would lay in bed I would see a vision float into my room. It would freak me out and I would run into my parents room and tell them all about it. My parents thought I was going nuts, because they had not seen the ghost in years. After I got married and moved out, my sister had the bedroom in the front of the house. One night she had a friend over to spend the night, no one ever told her friend about the ghost, low and behold the girl saw the ghost and said she would never spend the night ever again.

Now this ghost never did harm to anyone in our family, she was very quiet, but always looking over us. After I moved back into my parents home I slept in the other bedroom with my baby son. Sure enough Mrs Terjune was back to watch over us. It still freaked me out, but I was getting used to it.

Now I live in AZ, the home I lived in the year 2004 gave me a different experience. I thought I moved away from the ghost, but I started seeing visions coming toward me in the middle of the night, and I would wake up screaming, and as I would get out of bed, I felt like I had no energy to walk, I felt like a force was pulling me down to the ground until I would fall down on my hands and knees. So in 2005 I move into another home, and here we go again.

I used to have a big Angel tree top that I kept on the vanity in my bathroom. One night I woke up and for some reason I visioned my Angel kneeling beside another person sitting in the vanity chair, it was if she was consoling this person. So I put the Angel in my closet to see if this vision would go away. But I still wake up to see shadows in my bedroom, I have seen this person standing my bedroom door. One night I asked the ghost "who are you, I am renting this home from the Lewis’s?" a couple of other times, this vision walks out of my bathroom and sits at my computer chair at night, which is at the end of my bed. Now the other night I woke up to a silver object and it was like a flash that freaked me out, and again I screamed. So now I have to wonder is my blood pressure making me hallucinate or am I just ghost sensitive?hmmm?

I have always believed in ghosts but did not think there would be one in every house.

I am glad to have found this site because it helps me understand that I am probably just ghost sensitive and not loosing my mind.

Thanks for letting me share my story with you.

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