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American Pie

August 2003

Iwas fourteen turning into a teenager with five of the best friends a girl could have. Growing up so close to them since elementary, we'd all grown close to each others families as well. Cassy was the one who I'd lived closest to at the time so most of my time was spent at her house.

On a nightly basis we'd sit there and do whatever fourteen year old girls would do. Her mom and dad at the time were having difficult times so he moved right outside our city to stay close to Cassy and her younger brother. Cassy's mom worked third shift so often she would have to stay home with Chad (brother) and babysit for the night. Everything was going normal in our circle of friends until that fall when tragedy hit.

I remember the phone call from Cassy one night telling me and my mom to come over. Cassy had just found out her dad committed suicide and they just found him (in his hometown). Oh how this was devastating to her and her family. I felt horrible, all of us girls did. I couldn't think of anything to help but to be there for my best friend.

A little time went by and Cassy's family were sticking together to make it through. I went on spending the night at her house until one night I saw something.

We had just pulled out the sofa couch and started to doze off. Always leaving the hall light on, I got up to situate myself and I noticed something moving. A shadow of a man on the wall behind the couch walking. It happened so quick I didn't have time to react. I tried to wake Cassy but like usual that girl could sleep through anything. I eventually fell back asleep. I told Cassy the next morning and the only thing we could come up with was her dad. It wasn't brought up again.

The next summer I was at one of our other friends houses, Sally and had yet another and the scariest experience.

Sally had a big old house located just across from my moms work in town. At the time we were chilling out and decided to make some food. We had been upstairs in the TV room and the only ones in the house. Sally's parents had these intercoms. The ones you could plug in and call up and downstairs. There was one in the TV room and one down by the kitchen. Note: these cannot work unless plugged in. We turned on the radio and went downstairs. Thats when "American Pie" came on the radio. For all those who don't know it, its an oldy but definitely a goodie.

This song instantly brought back memories. This was Cassy's dads favourite song and everybody knew it. We started singing and headed to the kitchen when the intercom went off. All we heard was static. We thought maybe there was a problem with it but when we checked, it wasn't plugged in. Okay that was ENOUGH to scare me. We freaked out. We quickly turned around to leave when a pair of scissors dropped from above and landed by our feet. They did not fall from a table the intercom was on, just from above (the doorway). If we would have moved another inch, we would've been hurt. We got out of dodge and bolted to my moms work. Not wanting to return we went to my house for the afternoon.

We told our friends and they were in shock. I'll admit to being extremely terrified. We all knew or suspected maybe Cassy's father but what about the scissors. He would never do that so who did?

Although Sally's house was very old and other noises and feelings have been known to run the house we still didn't see anything.

After that summer time was less spent at Sally's during the night time until I slowly put it out of my mind.

Cassy and her family stayed at the house for only a few more years. She told me during this time she would hear footsteps up and down the basement stairs. (Her father had his own little set up in the basement where he would spend most of his time.) She never was afraid, she knew it was her dad just doing his normal routine.

Cassy is still one of my best friends as well as some of the others. I am twenty five now and since then have only had more strange experiences relating to her father but that will be for another time.

This was all true. I do believe in spirits and believe it is just a natural part of life. And the Afterlife.

Thanks for reading!

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