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An Evening Chat with Grandma

Ohio, USA
November 1998

Before I start this story I'd like to state for the record I am a firm believer in the paranormal but I don't have an overactive imagination, and I don't lie I'm an eagle scout and am known for my honesty. These stories chill my bones every time I talk about them so I'll make this short.

One day I went over to my friends house. Everyone else knew that her grandmother was dead, she had committed suicide in the bathroom upstairs but I didn't know that. Some other old man had died in that house also but I'll get to that in a few minutes. I was sitting in her living room and was drinking a pepsi and she went upstairs to change clothes. After she went upstairs a small elderly woman climbed down the stairs, sat in the recliner across from me and started talking to me. Asking me how I was and how long I'd know BJ. She said that she is a very sweet girl and that she was her favorite granddaughter. We sat and talked for about 30 minutes and then suddenly I heard BJ coming down the stairs. I was still talking when she walked in and said "who are you talking to?", I said "oh me and your grandmother are just having a chat" and BJ says "um who?", I said "your grandmother" and she said "um nah it couldn't have been her" and I asked "why not?". I felt my blood run cold when she said "well Ryan my grandmother has been dead for years." My jaw must have hit the floor "she killed herself in the upstairs bathroom." I was so white and couldn't talk. "We sometimes see her or hear her walking down the hallways".

I've only had two creepy experiences where I've seen a ghost, but I've had plenty of eerie feelings of not being wanted and being watched.

This story was the most scary and memorable (note the time I tell you it is after all and important factor).

One night I sat down at 10:00pm to watch a movie and noted the time frequently since I was expected to be home at 11:00. While watching the movie in the living room the lights all went out and back on three times then a loud booming could be heard coming from upstairs. When the lights came back on the T.V. was on but there was no channel listed in the channel box it was blank but the regular TV fuzz was on the TV and the sound was there. I stared at the T.V. for a few minutes and found that no matter what buttons on the remote I pushed the channel wouldn't change. Then I felt my hair on my neck stand up as I started to make out the image of a large man in the TV. The image got clearer and clearer then I saw his face! it was horrible he had the most ghastly look on his face it was such an evil smile then the screen starting crackling and a hand reached out from the TV! I couldn't believe it! Slowly a leg stepped out then the other and soon a torso! I felt like I was being sat on ! I couldn't move no matter how hard I tried! Then this thing points it's finger at me and opens its mouth to reveal the scariest set of teeth, they were yellow-green and razor sharp! I managed to throw the TV remote which went right through the creature, and hit the wall spilling the batteries out of it. I moved so quickly I spilled my pepsi on the floor. The creature laughed mockingly and just as he was about to touch me the power went out again and when the lights came back on I was on the porch outside. I looked down at my watch the time said 11:25 pm I was very confused I had lost over an hour of time and still remember the horrid creature. Thinking it was all a dream I walked into the living room and to my shock there lay the remote on the floor with the batteries on the floor. My peps had spilled and I had created a stain on the carpet. It wasn't a dream. I felt the being watched feeling again so I grabbed my coat and fled from the house and down the road to a friend's house. I sat at my other friend's kitchen table and tried to recall the events. I was so scared. I couldn't sleep for 2 weeks and I no longer go into the living room alone.

Ohio, USA
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