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An Invisible Presence

June 2003

Some time around 1979, I was out of college with no job and nothing much to do so I went to visit a group of friends who were sharing a rental house near Washington, DC.

Everyone had gone to bed and I was getting ready to sleep on the couch in the living room. My friend stayed up and we were talking about nothing in particular. I was saying something to him when I had a strange feeling and noticed that my voice sounded strange. It sounded like I was talking into a large cave. Anyway, I asked my friend if he noticed anything strange. He was wide eyed and said he heard it too. At that moment we both became very aware of a "presence" in the middle of room. We both looked at the same spot near the center of the room. It was just as if we could see someone standing there but there was nothing to see. When I got myself together a little I asked "it" who it was and what it wanted. There was no reply or sense of an answer. It drifted across the room (we both followed the feeling as if we could see it) and then it just faded away. After we discussed the event and confirmed with each other what we had experienced - he went to bed and I managed to get through the night by myself in that room.

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