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An Odd Occurrence

Astal, OH, USA
December 2006

Around 3 years ago, my girlfriend (Laura) and I went to a house one of her friends' had just moved into.
Her friend (Emily) had a husband named Adrian.

Just as you walked in the front door, you were in the living room. To the right, and about 5 feet away, was an open square shaped archway you could pass through, and be in the dining room, which was the same size as the living room (12 feet by 14 feet) with a table in the middle.
Since Emily seemed to like the Ouija board (as did Laura) and they both seemed rather experienced at it, I decided to "play" it with them.
I had NO idea what I was getting into, but since they were both experienced at it...
Adrian didn't like it too much either, so I felt I had something like a "kindred spirit".
Anyhow, when we started playing, we got somebody/something that just referred to itself simply as "AZ". He/She/It didn't seem mean rather, it seemed almost "human" in the way it acted. All except one thing. The house had one of those light switches that are circular, and you push it to turn it on/off. Then, you can turn it to make the light/s brighter or dimmer. This one however, had no plastic piece on it, only the metal piece in the middle. It WAS still possible to use the switch, however it required that you grab it tighter to turn it. Also, it was 4 feet up, so nothing small or short could really reach it. Still, as we were playing we noticed the light seemed to be getting dimmer very gradually, almost unnoticeably. And with all 4 of us sitting down, with at least one of our hands on the "planchette", and the switch at least 7 feet from the closest person, I know I (if not everyone else) started to think that maybe it was the wiring in the house. (since it was old. I just knew it was old, not when it was built).
Anyway, Emily got up to brighten the lights a bit, then came and sat back down with us. No sooner had she done so, than the light began to dim AGAIN! Only a little faster, and more noticeably this time. She then asked "AZ" "are you doing that?" And it replied that it was. At that point, we all said "goodbye" and stopped using the board that night. It was odd, yet I kind of felt comfortable with it. I was told the previous owner moved out, but now, i'm not so sure. Was it an actual experience, or was my mind playing tricks on me?
If anyone out there knows, could you please tell me?
Thank you, and I hope you found this story at least decent.

Astal, OH, USA
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