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An Old Friend

Andrea Piazza, CA, USA
June 2001

This experience I am going to tell you happened to my mother when she was a child. My mom has had a lot of experiences with ghosts, here is one that stuck out in my mind.

When my mom was a little girl, about the age of seven, she slept in her grandmothers room with her. Late one night my mom woke up to her grandmother getting out of bed and walking towards the window. The room began filling with light and a cloud-like mist was all around. She tried to call her grandmas name but she acted like my mother wasn't even there. From the window of their room a man dressed in a sailor uniform came walking through the mist in the window, almost like stairs and walked over to my grandma. They communicated with each other but I could not hear anything they were saying. After a few minutes the sailor walked back through the mist and out the window.

Her grandma came back to bed when my mother asked her who was that man? Her grandmother told her he was an old friend and he told her she would come visit him very soon. They both went to sleep and really never talked about it again.

A few weeks later she became very ill from liver cancer and died. I wonder who that man was?

My mom tells me tons of stories about ghosts, I hope I can experience that someday!

Andrea Piazza, CA, USA
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