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An Unexpected Visit

Ami, QLD, Australia
June 1998

Hi, I'm going to tell you about a true story that happened not too long ago. I believe in ghosts and most ghost stories, but only if they seem believable. I'm very surprised that this happened to me and I hope you can believe me about this because it is possible, and I know it is.

It was about 9:00, and my daughter and I were in the lounge room when we heard a noise in the kitchen. We suspected that it was just the wind or something knocking a glass over but I went and checked in case it was broken. I arrived in the kitchen and found a small shadow in the shape of a dog. It seemed like it was very sad and to my surprise it made me feel that way too. I must have looked at it for five seconds and then it walked passed me to the lounge room and sat beside my daughter, but it was weird because my daughter didn't seem to notice it. I asked her if she saw anything beside her and she said "no". It's been happening for a long time now and not very long ago my daughter saw it, that surprised me. In December, 1997, our dog Randy died, it's very weird because that dog looks alot like Randy. Randy was a German Shepherd and the ghost dog looks like that kind of dog too.

Ami, QLD, Australia
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