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An Unexplained House

Corrina Jimenez, CA, USA
January 2001

After we moved away from a duplex we lived in since I was about 4 (We were moving because the place needed repairs and the landlord didn't want to fix them) we moved into a house that wasn't too far from where we lived previously. Well it was a nice house. I don't know how long it was there for, or when it was built. But it was a cute house and it seemed like it would be nice to live in.

Well, before we moved in, my Mom said she felt uneasy. But we didn't think anything of it so we decided to move in. Well nothing happened for about two weeks. It took us about two weeks to unpack. We had a lot of stuff. Anyway, I cant really remember exactly what order these things happened in that house, because I was 10 at the time and I am now 19 going on 20 yrs of age.

Anyway, onto the story. As I recall, the first thing that happened was my mom was in the kitchen talking to someone on the phone, and us kids were outside. Now let me tell you what the kitchen looked like.
The kitchen was right next to the living room. And there was a wall between the two rooms. You had to walk past the wall in the living room to get into the kitchen. Which that is if your coming in from the front door. And before you get to the kitchen you have to enter the dining room. Anyway, my mom was sitting on the dining room table talking on the phone when the garage door that was right behind her opened up. She thought it was just one of us kids opening the door but decided to not come inside. So she just closed the door and locked it. And we had a sliding glass door next to the garage door, so thats why she locked it. So after a few minutes, while she was still on the phone, the door opened again and thats when she kind of got uneasy and wondered how it opened when it was locked. So she got off the phone and came outside thru the sliding glass door and asked us kids if we were the ones who opened it to scare her and we said no. And thats when she told us what happened so we went inside with her.

I cant remember how far in between the next thing happened but I knew the longer we stayed there the more things happened.

The next occurrence was when my sister Michelle and I were in our bedroom playing with our barbies. I was sitting towards the door, which was open. And my sister was sitting towards the closet door, which was closed. And our beds were up against the walls which were to the side of us. Anyway, my sister was playing with her dolls when something poked her from behind, like if someone pokes you with their finger. But it was hard. And she yelled, which scared me to death, and my sister told me what happened and we ran out of the room and told our mom and dad.

Later on in the next few days my sister and I were in our bedroom watching TV before going to sleep. Which we did very often. Well it got about 9:00pm and we were getting tired and we went to sleep. Well, I woke up about 1:00am that night and our television was on. So I thought I forgot to turn it off, but just to make sure I woke Michelle and asked her and she told me that we turned it off before going to sleep. So we turned it off and shared a bed for the night.

As I said before as time went on more things started happening. They were small and I know there were more things that happened but I can only tell you the ones I remember. But there were a lot. And I guess now I should tell you, with everything that started happening we only lived there for about 2 months. Well, after a while things started happening one right after the other.

One time my mom was in the guest room which we turned that into her office. She is a paralegal and she needed the space cause she worked from the home. Anyway, the house was a four bedroom and ever since we were little my sister and I shared a room and my two brothers shared a room. So since I was still young, I was glad and used to sharing a room with my sister so we used the guest room as a office. Anyway my mom was in the office working one day and we had one of those touch lamps. Well us kids were outside (we lived there during summer vacation, so there was no school.) Anyway, my dad was working and my sister was cleaning the kitchen. And while my mom was in the office the lamp turned off by itself. My mom was kind of afraid but she just got up and turned it back on. Right after she sat back down the light started turning on and off rapidly. So she ran out of the room, told my sister and after that it stopped. Another thing my mom encountered was when she was in her room getting dressed and my sister and I were in our room which was right next to my mom's and dad's room. Dad and the boys weren't home. Anyway we all heard a loud bang on the wall, which sounded like it was coming from the outside. So we went in our mom's room and she told us it sounded like it came right from the wall by her room. Which was the back of the house. So my sister and I got a bat and went outside to investigate. And we weren't scared cause we had two big dogs in the backyard. But when we went outside nothing was there, and the younger dog was looking at the wall and growling and foaming at the mouth. And we ran inside and told our mom. These things might not sound scary but it scared us.

Later on things like that happened all the time.

Once my dad, mom, sis, and I were in the garage and the boys were outside playing, and we all heard a loud bang. Everyone thinking it was the other parties we asked one another if we did it and it was neither one of us but we all knew what we heard.

Sometimes we would hear voices. So one day we decided to leave the house and leave a tape player on record. And after a couple of hours we came home and played it, throughout the whole tape their were voices on the tape and no one was home.

Sometimes we would think we saw someone running outside when everyone would be inside the house. One time I was in my room alone playing. And I thought I saw my sister run past our window. Well our window was right by the fence and you couldn't go anywhere cause it was blocked so you couldn't run from the backyard to the front, of course. So I looked out the window and saw nothing. And I asked my sister if she was outside and she told me she wasn't.

Throughout the time we lived in that house a lot of things like that happened. So with our faith (I will just say) we talked to our elders and they told us to check the attic and stuff like that to see if there was anything in the house that could cause these things to happen. Which we did that and found nothing. Well they told us to find a place and they would help us to get the money to move out. So we got the money and got out of that house fast.

Now we live on the same street we did when I was four, but we don't live in the same duplex though. But we never drive down the street that the one house is on. And we moved a lot after that incident, not because of that experience, just because of circumstances. But every time we move and if anyone of us gets an eerie feeling we don't take the house.

I am sorry if this was too long of a story.
Thank you for taking the time to read it.

Corrina Jimenez, CA, USA
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