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An Unusual Gift

Regina Mathews, NY, USA
October 2001

When I was 12 or 13 years old, my friend and I loved to explore old abandon buildings.

One building that we visited often was an old slaughter house and the abandoned hotel that was next door.

Now, the hotel was completely empty but we would check all the closets each time we visited. Until this one day; My friend checked the closet and found nothing. She left the closet and moved to the center of the room and I went to the same closet and found a beaded purse! The purse was laying on the closet floor. I picked the purse up and said to my friend, "look what I found!" She turned and said "where did you find that?" I said "on the floor of the closet!" She said "That wasn't there when I looked in that closet!" After we left the building and I showed the purse to my mom telling her how and where I found it. We looked it over carefully. It was made out of silk with a flat shape with a draw string, covered with silver, gold and black beads with fringe beads hanging along the bottom of the purse. My mother thought the style dated from the 1880's to the 1920's. Where did the purse come from? Was it an apport from another time?(at the time this occurred it was the mid 1960's). Why was the purse found by me and not my friend who checked the closet 1st? I kept the "gift".

Regina Mathews, NY, USA
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