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Maggie, Virginia, USA
May 2004

I was spending the night with some childhood friends when I was living in Ohio. These friends of mine had an exceptionally large house (compared to what I was used to) complete with one of those sitting rooms that has really nice furniture but no one ever goes in there.

Anyway, I was a shy girl growing up and adults I didn't know always intimidated me, I never wanted to be confronted by any of them and my friend's parents were no exception.

As the night wore on I grew more and more hungry and asked my friend Jennifer if we could grab a snack. Her mother was a health nut and didn't allow such things so Jennifer promised we would get some food after her parents went to sleep. So later that night Jennifer, her sister Julie and I all hung out in their finished basement watching movies and doing that weird girlie-communicating (you know everything's super fast and high-pitched). It must have been going on midnight when I reminded Jennifer how hungry I was so could we PLEASE get something to eat.

We snuck up the stairs, and as soon as you open their basement door you're in the kitchen. JACKPOT! I thought. I quickly grabbed a bag of chips and was on my way downstairs when Jennifer mentioned that we needed some drinks.

I started to walk towards her to give her a hand when the hall light came on, letting us know that we were busted and one of her parents were on their way to crack some skulls. So instead of doing the smart thing and running back down to the basement where we would fake sleeping, we did a little Three Stooges dance and ended up in the dining room. Shortly thereafter the kitchen light came on and Jennifer walked out telling her father that it was just her, she was getting something to drink, and she's going back to bed. So there I was, scared of getting in trouble and worried that her father was going to walk into the dining room to see if anyone else was hiding out. So like a stealth lizard I crawled into their formal sitting room where I proceeded to hide behind a chair that was up against the corner of one of the walls.

As I sat there scared out of my mind a dark figure approached me. Now the direction in which I was facing was towards these huge windows where light was coming in from the street so a black figure would have been all that anyone could see no matter what. Anyway, this black figure approached me that looked like a small girl, and told me that everything was ok and I could go back downstairs now.

This figure didn't frighten me, in fact I was glad that I wasn't so alone in that big house. It allowed me to walk back down to the basement where I saw Jennifer waiting for me, wondering what took me so long and denying any knowledge of me being in her sitting room, and Julie, passed out on the sofa.

I never mentioned this to anyone that lived there and even though I spent many more nights in that house (always with a prepacked snack) I never saw that figure again.

I just thought this was an interesting story and one that I will never forget. Thanks for reading!

Maggie, Virginia, USA
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