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Angel In The Kitchen

September 2001

About a year ago, my mother was going to visit her aunt, Frieda. Frieda and her husband lived in a small house in a nearby town and collected antiques. My mother loved to visit and see what new things they had picked up and to help her aunt plant flowers in her extensive flower garden.

Upon arriving at the house, my mother knocked at the front screen door. She saw Frieda standing in the kitchen, waving her into the house and telling her to "come on in". My mother came into the kitchen, all the while talking about a new flower that she had bought for her aunt to plant in her garden: but when she got in the kitchen, she couldn't find Frieda. She walked around the house, looking everywhere for her and finally wandered into the basement, as she knew that Frieda was there somewhere, she had just seen her!!

When she came down the basement stairs, she found her aunt with her arm stuck up to the shoulder in an old crank washing machine. She had been there so long that she had passed out!!! My mother quickly called the medical emergency number. They had to crank the machine backwards to remove her arm before she died of shock.

After Frieda was out of the hospital, my mother asked how she had gotten her arm stuck. Frieda told my mother and I about washing clothes in the machine and it catching her hand. She said "it just kept turning and I couldn't get my hand out!! I couldn't reach the phone and I didn't know that you were coming over, Ingrid, thank God that you did!!"

My mother told Frieda about seeing her in the kitchen, waving her into the house, and Frieda turned pale. "You couldn't have seen me, Ingrid, I was stuck in that machine for so long before you came. I heard you knocking on the door and I was yelling "Oh, help!! Help!!" You couldn't have seen me standing in the kitchen, dear."

After we left, my mother looked at me, she was very pale, and she said "Maybe it was her angel in that kitchen, but I SAW her standing there, just waving, saying "Hi, Ingrid, honey! Come on in!"

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