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Angel Ornament

Virginia, USA
July 2002

I was babysitting my brother's friend's children one night around Christmas time and it was the first time I had met her children. After I had sent the children to bed, I was sitting in front of the television embroidering a present for my grandmother. I had just let the cats out and I was the only one in the house that was awake.

About thirty minutes after sitting down, I heard the noise of someone whispering come out of the little girl's room, figuring it was her playing around, I went in to investigate. Being a former mischievous child, I know the signs of running to your bed in haste at the sounds of watchful footsteps coming to bust up your fun, she was sound asleep...I sat back down. Several minutes later, I saw what looked like a cats face pop up out of the corner of my eye, knowing the cats were out, I turned to see what was moving around. On the Christmas tree to the left of me was an angel ornament spinning around. There were no vents near the tree or any other source of a breeze, none of the other ornaments were moving at all. When Laura (the children's mother) came home, I asked her if her house was haunted, she asked me why and I told her the story. She told me that she thinks that her mother (the children's grandmother) watches over them because her picture always falls off the wall and she hears whispering coming from the children's rooms. She also told me that her daughter is very shy and was scared about meeting me, so she had prayed for her mother to watch over her. She asked me which ornament was moving and I showed her. She knelt by the tree and asked again "this one?". A look of relief washed over her face and she showed me the ornament, it was an angel that she and her mother made before she died and where the face of the angel should be, was a picture of her mother's face.

Virginia, USA
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