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Victoria, Australia
October 2003

I wish I didn't have to believe in ghosts. I'm only 14 years old! Yet the house where I'm typing from now has it's own ghost.

We (my mother, father and I) have all seen or felt the presence of a ghost. I would watch TV in my parents' bedroom at night and I would sometimes look up and see a kind of solid shadow. Don't get me wrong; I wasn't at all the void of blackness that you may have read about. Just a light shadow moving across the room. As the room was dimly lit (the main light wasn't working) I would dismiss it as me being tired or getting used to the dim light after staring at the TV for a while.

But it happens quite frequently so in the end I would get used to the ghost coming in. I knew it would sit next to me and watch TV. I could see new indentations in the couch and it was colder over in that area. I think he enjoyed it.

My dad has seen him wandering around the house at night when he gets up to get the cat and dog some food. So has my mother. She told me once, when I was a baby, she had seen the silhouette of a man walking from our lounge room/den to her bedroom. She had thought it was my dad but he said it wasn't.

Also he had often come into my room and turned off my radio. It is common knowledge that ghosts hate music, but he seems to like annoying me by turning off my favourite songs. I don't know.

He isn't evil; if you believe in that sort of thing although when he is around I get that cold feeling of fear in my heart. Or maybe that's him? He's just here. He's friendly in a way. Just like most people, he likes to play tricks on us. I can tell if he's in a room. It feels different. Like a muffled sound or something. And there's a great sadness. I want to find out about him but I don't know where to start. Oh well.

Thank you for reading this. I know it seems a bit unreal but even if you don't believe me, I know he's still around. I may just be 14 but already I have had too many ghost encounters. But this is too long already so I won't write about them.:)

Thanks again.


Victoria, Australia
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