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Another Ability

Laura Parker, NSW, Australia
February 2001

I thought I might share another experience whilst I have time before university goes back and work tomorrow. This may be long, however I hope you enjoy reading it as unbelievable as it may all sound.

I thought perhaps that I would share a few different experiences that have occurred over the past few years of my life.

I grew up in Epping, Sydney with my family. Our house was a bungalow style built in the 1930's. I was only three years old when we first moved in and I would tell my mother how an old man would watch me from the corner at night. As I grew older I couldn't see him as well; he was an outline and black figure. I would always sense though that he was around and I wasn't alone?many odd occurrences would happen; voices would call my name, footsteps, cupboards opening and closing on their own accord, lights flickering, cold spots, the usual. I think perhaps since I grew up in a haunted house in my younger years that I adapted the ability to always be able to sense ghosts, etc. although I could be wrong. But since a child and to this day (I am now 18) I can still strongly sense ghosts.

A few years ago I went for a Christmas holiday with my parents and two younger brothers to Tasmania. We toured around for two weeks, and during our last three days stayed in a small village called Stanley. Stanley use to be a whaling village in the 1800's and the cottage, which we were staying in also, dated from this era. It was furnished accordingly and was like 'stepping back into time'. On entering the cottage I told mum that it was haunted but she told me to be quite and not frighten the boys, that I was 'foolish'.

I still felt a very strong presence and thought I would glance through the visitor's book and see whether any other guest had noticed anything odd. To my surprise there had been several. From sightings, to strange noises and to an overall nervous sensation were recorded. I showed mum and she told me she had also felt what I had but didn't want to alert my two brothers.

That night I couldn't sleep, the door slammed closed, there were footsteps up and down the corridor and nobody was there. I felt very nervous and sad and I couldn't sleep at all. Then the woman (who I had a mental image of, it wasn't a man) came into the room where I was and sat on the chair at the side of my bed. I still couldn't sleep and refused to roll onto the side where the chair was until a woman said clearly 'roll over dear and you will sleep. If you don't you will not' I did and fell asleep almost immediately.

Later the owner and relatives before we left mum found written in the book about a woman who had lived in the cottage during the 1800's had lost her son James at sea. He never returned home.

I have also had weird recurring dreams where I am in this old Victorian house and there is a little girl with brown curly hair just standing there, in a bear room with a chair. It's so weird but I have had it several times. Sometimes it's in the future and I am buying the house other times I see it as it use to be. But, in the dream, I know the little girl is a ghost who died in the house. I always have very odd dreams like that, very much like the dream I wrote about previously which is on this site called 'My ghost D' (I think).

Anyway this must be awfully long and I'm tired. Perhaps when I get another chance I will write about more experiences that I have had.

Laura Parker, NSW, Australia
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