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Apartment Antics

Nathan, Massachusetts, USA
July 1999

Hello all...............

I have been following this website very closely and with eagerness looking for new stories to be posted. So I decided to post one of my own.

It started when myself and my significant other decided to move from our apartment in East Boston to one in Beverly, Ma. Which by the way is one town over from Salem, Ma. The first night that we actually stayed in the apartment was quite unusual. We had arranged our bedroom in a way that when you're lying down you can see out into the kitchen. Well we had just locked up the apartment, shut off all the lights and was just getting ready to close our eyes when all of a sudden the florescent light above the kitchen sink turned on. Now at first I was startled, then I thought that maybe I didn't switch it off all the way, but the switch itself is an older one that clicks into the on/off position. So I got up out of bed, turned the light off looked around, and chalked it up to faulty wiring.

The next couple of weeks proved to be rather interesting. Our bedroom door and bathroom doors have unique sounds when they open and close. No matter how much oil we apply to the hinges. The way the rooms are, the doors form a right angle. Well we were up late watching TV and all of a sudden we heard the sound of the bathroom door open slowly, then close just as slowly. It wasn't the wind or anything, mainly because, we had all the windows and doors closed due to the heat and the fact that the A/C was on. I started to panic thinking that someone was standing behind us, then it clicked, we're on the third floor with no porch or anything around the building. I chalked it off to the wind. That would have worked, however, no sooner had I thought those words, we heard the bedroom door open slowly then close, only this time the bedroom door slammed shut, knocking a picture and some figurines off the wall. I freaked. I find it odd though that our Pug doesn't seem to be affected by all this. I thought animals can sense and see things we can't.

I was then elected to go and investigate. So I picked up bat that I keep near the front door and set my dog loose. As I approached the door I really started to get nervous, thinking maybe it was someone in the apartment, then I thought, maybe it wasn't "someone". I got up enough courage to grip the door knob, but that's when the knob started to turn by itself. I looked down at the dog, and he was of all things, sitting there, tail wagging, like he was waiting to play. I grabbed the dog, and hightailed it back to the living room. needless to say we didn't go into the bedroom until morning, and of course nothing was there. I finally had it. I was not going to be scared out of this beautiful apartment by anyone. I stood in the middle the kitchen, and talked to whatever was in the house. I basically told it, that it could stay with us as long as it didn't harm my animals, and not scare the s--t out of us. The funny thing is, I think it agreed.

It also helps us and watches out for us. If we're watching something on TV that it feels it's not something we should be watching, it will either change the channel or turn the TV off. also if we're not going to make it home before dark, we will walk into the apartment, and find the kitchen lights on. All of them.

One night I awoke to find my animals all sitting at the foot of the bed, wagging their tails and following something with their eyes and heads. Until one by one they shook themselves like they do before going to sleep and then falling asleep. The only other scary thing that happened, was with my musical dolphin water globe.

One night we were just getting ready to sleep when we both heard my globe wind up slowly, and play a full cycle and stop. I laughed and told it that I thought it was a pretty song and went to bed.

Now I say it. But we both feel that it's the spirit of an older woman. It was weird, we both said to each other at the same time. I haven't had time to research the house yet, but I will keep you posted.

I apologize for the length, and thank you for reading.

Nathan, Massachusetts, USA
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