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Apartment Guardian

Joseph Belmonte, Nevada, USA
June 2004

This did not happen to me. It happened to my dad. Actually, it happened to those who knew my dad. It really didn't affect him; but I'll tell you about that later. This story is also true. Anyway, here it is.

About 30 years ago, my dad rented out this apartment that was haunted. Although he did not know about it and no one told him about it. Things just started happening.

It started when his cousin came into town and stayed over one night. My dad had to run down to 7 Eleven (corner mart) for something and his cousin was left alone. While he (dad's cousin) was sitting in the living room, the door to the bedroom had suddenly closed by itself. It closed quickly; that is proof that the air conditioner did not do it. The cabinets in the kitchen also started opening and closing by themselves. He also got a strong feeling that something was there. A presence sort of. He ran out the door and waited outside for my dad to get back. When my dad got there, cousin told him he was not going back into the apartment; that there was something going on in there and did not want to a part of it. My dad believed him and followed along (did not make him do anything he did not want to).

There was also another occasion when my mother had stayed over and was taking a nap. My dad was at work at the time. When my mom was sound asleep, something was pulling her arm. It almost pulled her off the bed, which is what woke her up. She woke up and then searched the apartment, thinking my dad was joking with her or just waking her up. She found out that nobody was there. She also witnessed the opening and closing of cabinet doors.

My aunt also stayed there one time. She had a nightmare; an unusual and more of horrific nightmare than the common.

My dad was never exposed to anything there. He did not have to go through anything. Probably because he lived there. The spirit never bothered him. He found out that someone was murdered there. The spirit was just guarding his former (or more like current) living place.

However, my dad has witnessed other things. There is actually a mild spirit where we are living now. But that's a different story...

Joseph Belmonte, Nevada, USA
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