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Apple Demon

Ellie Maszuchin, UK
October 2002

I was peeling some apples for a sweet casserole recently when I remembered something that happened to my friend's little sister once.

When I was thirteen, I heard that if you peel an apple at midnight and stare directly into a mirror, the face of your future husband would appear. The story went that if you kept on staring into the mirror the face of you're future husband would be eventually replaced by the face of the devil.

My friend's little sister decided to try it and she was found by my friend and her mother staring into the mirror in a trance-like state. They couldn't see the Devil, but my friend's sister couldn't take her eyes off the mirror and they could at least see that she was terrified.

They had to take hold of her and use all there strength to drag her away from the mirror. She was hysterical at the time, babbling about an evil face she had seen staring back at her for a few minutes, and then after that she couldn't remember a thing about what the face looked like, not even today.

After hearing about what happened to her I didn't dare try it myself but we have never forgotten this story.

Ellie Maszuchin, UK
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