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April Fools Spirit

Leslie Cheryl Wilson, CA, USA
October 2004

My spirit "lives" with me in my duplex apartment. It only lets itself be known occasionally and always in a joking manner as if it has a sense of humor.

I first encountered this ghost or spirit on midnight of Halloween of 1997, the year my sister died. I want to say that my sister did have a very good sense of humor. However, I lived here in this apartment during my teenage years and went to my last year of high school while living here with her. She and I were very "close" in the sense that she kept me tied to her...until I began therapy and then she abruptly cut the tie between us. I remember once while she lived here and I was living in Berkeley, she called me and announced that she thought I'd stolen her money out of her purse. Well, I hadn't but she insisted that the money had been taken and that I was the only suspect as I had been over to visit her at the time the money disappeared. This makes me suspect that this spirit resides in this apartment and may not be any member of my family coming back to haunt me.

On Halloween at midnight of 1997 my doorbell, which was startlingly loud and made you jump every time it rang, began ringing and ringing. When I went to the door no one was there and so I became alarmed and took a broom stick to the source of the bell which was above a door in the kitchen and it broke and hasn't rung since.


Now the next "sighting" of my spirit which was undeniable was on April Fools day of this year, 2004. It took place over the week of April Fools day, which fell on a Wednesday. The prior Sunday, I had planned to pay some money I owed to a friend at a restaurant and had the money in my money pouch around my neck and had to break one $20 bill into two $10's so that I'd have the right change.

It turned out that the person did not show up to get their money that night, but the two $10's were in my pocket, and I recall seeing or feeling them later when I went to another friend's house.

Well, the next morning, a Monday, I stayed home all day except to go to take care of some business about my dog's license, and got there too late as they were closing the door. This made me very upset and I was pulling at my money pouch, etc., in frustration. Then I took the dogs for a walk in the hills. (I include this information here because I later thought I'd somehow dropped the money in these places.) On Tuesday, my friend, who I was going to give the money to, called and made an appointment to come by to get it. I said "sure, come by." I thought the money was still where I'd placed it in the pocket and in my money pouch. Well, when he came over I couldn't find any of the money, in either place! I couldn't imagine where I could have lost it and how I could have lost all of it like that! I searched my mind for all possibilities (including the above cited ones), but nothing made sense at all! He took me to the ATM machine and took out the money and gave it to him. By the way, he said "I think your house ate it." (the money)

Between then and Saturday, I kept searching for the money and searching my mind to try and figure out what happened to it as it was a total mystery!

My girlfriend, who has no prejudice about spirits, said "I think you have a spirit in hour house. You'll probably find the money somewhere." I believed this, as there was absolutely no other explanation for the loss of the money. I kept my eyes peeled for it somewhere in the house.

On Saturday morning, I got up and went to the kitchen and made coffee and breakfast, as usual, after which I went into the livingroom and watched a video or something. At about 10:30-ll:00 a.m., I walked back into the kitchen, and THERE WAS ALL THE MONEY IN A CLUMP ON THE KITCHEN SINK BOARD!! I immediately called my girlfriend and told her and she was not surprised. However, when I told other friends, they became angry and hostile and told me that I "must have had a veil" and been unable to see the money all that time until I finally spotted it there!

My girlfriend cautioned me not to tell my story to people and gave an example of someone who got into trouble that way because people are very prejudiced and some do not want to believe in ghosts because it is just too unscientific. They have never had an experience so they do not believe anyone else can either!

From now on, I will always believe all ghost stories, because I am now experienced!

I have encountered the spirit since then - like the TV turning on without the remote being able to do it and the computer rebooting itself spontaneously, and cold wind blowing on my forhead while I'm in my bed - but all these things could be easily passed off as nothing but a power glitch or my imagination working overtime.

That's the story! Doodle-da-deeda! Dat's all folks!!

Leslie Cheryl Wilson, CA, USA
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