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Are You Lost?

January 2008

I have always been opened minded about anything, especially if it's about ghosts and the paranormal. I have had past experiences, like seeing shadows and noises in the house when no one is there, but this last one, which happened about a year and a half ago, really stands out from the rest. Here is my story......

I have been working at this job of mine, for security and rules of the business I will not mention its name, only that its a financial corporation.
Anyway's, I have been working here about 1 year and a half going on two. Now, usually everyone has a "bad first day", but in my situation, it was quite interesting.

On my first day, I came in through the main doors and walked straight to what we call here "the cross lobby", on account the the two hallways that meet intersect like a cross. Well, I'm standing there looking at all the doors, suddenly my mind goes blank, and I forgot which door I had to go through. I start checking my pockets for my paper of new employee instructions, then it hit me, I left it at home. I was standing there for someone to come out so I could ask which door was the I.P. Department, but no one came out. Just when I decided to walk to the elevators to go up to Human Resources, the biggest door to the far left opened, and out came a lady. I looked at her and said "Hi".
"Hi!", she replied back, "are you lost?", she asked. "Very lost", I replied. I asked her which door led to the I.P. Department. "Oh, its right through the door which I came out through, here I'll let you in".

Later on that day, my boss took me through the whole department to meet the other employees. As we kept walking, we passed by a bulletin board full of pictures with some of the employees that worked there. Pictures of birthday parties, company picnics, etc.. I must of been looking when I spotted the lady that helped me. "Thank god for her", I told my boss, "if it wasn't for her, I would of gone all the way to Human Resources and waited another hour for it to open to get my employee instructions, because I couldn't find the right door among the bunches and bunches of doors out there in the cross lobby". He just looked at me funny, "So.....she helped you...this morning?".
"Yes sir. As soon as I was turning towards the elevators, she came out through the department door and she helped my find the correct door, she even let me in."
"What was she wearing?", he asked. I told him she was wearing a black pant suit with a white top underneath. When I asked him why he asked about her clothing, he responded, "Since I've been here, which is about 3 years, your the third person who says she has helped you."
"When I got here", he said, "she passed away 3 months later from cancer."
When he said that my whole body just got goose bumps. The reason why he asked about what she was wearing was because that outfit was the same outfit she had on when they had her in her coffin. He knew the outfit because he said he attended the viewing of the body and the funeral.

I'm still employed here and from time to time I'll feel a tapping on my shoulder or someone whisper my name, and no one is ever there.

I guess I will be hearing this for a while because the seat and desk I have used to be hers.

Thanks for reading.

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