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Arms of the Past

Victoria, Australia
June 1999

It happened about six years ago, when I was living with my Aunt in South Australia. Myself and two of my friends had finished School for the term and were walking to the stables to go horse riding. On the way to the stables we had to walk past the old Port Augusta Cemetery, there was no way we could avoid it unless you wanted to add an extra thirty minutes to the already twenty minute walk. We never went in there, due to the fact that I had a overactive imagination. One of my friends suggested that we go into the Cemetery "Just to have a look". I was feeling pretty open minded that day, I think it was due to the fact that it was school holidays.

We were looking around at all of the head stones seeing how old the people were when they died. One of my friends asked me to lie down on this grave that belonged to a Six year old boy. We thought that it would be kind of freaky. So I did. I lay down on the cement slab and tried to imagine how the boy was lying, and that is what I did. I lay myself down, on my back, legs together and my arms across my chest. all I had to do was shut my eyes. At this point I was starting to take things pretty seriously. As I shut my eyes I relaxed and emptied my mind as I did this I started to feel this strange sensation throughout my body. It felt as if something was wrapping it's arms around around my soul. Then the feeling felt like it was pulling me down.That was enough to scare the hell out of me. I jumped of the grave and told my friends I thought it was time to go horse riding......

That my not be a proper ghost story but it was enough to scare me to death...

Victoria, Australia
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