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At Mom's House

Timothy, California, USA
September 1999


This story is very true but it happened to my father in-law. When he was a boy of thirteen he and his family lived in what I believe is one of the most haunted houses in my town. One night his parents were going out for the night and his older brother was going out also so he was going to spend the evening alone at home so his mother told the brother to get him a pizza for his dinner.

He was sitting in the dinning room eating his pizza when he heard a noise that sounded like breathing coming from the conner. He closed his pizza box and looked around and seeing nothing he sat down and started to eat again. Again the breathing started. Feeling some what scared at this point he looked around and saw no one home but himself. Hearing the breathing louder again he picked up his pizza and went outside to wait for his parents. When they pulled up and saw him outside at such a late hour they asked him why he was out there, he said "Mom, the wall was breathing" with that she turned to his father and she said "I told you."

Thank you

Timothy, California, USA
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