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At The Door

Molly, New Brunswick, Canada
January 2002

I've been living in my house for about seven or eight years now, and nothing had really happened to me at first. My mom and siblings, Stephanie? now 26, Brian- 23, and Marianne- 15 (I'm 16), would often talk about things happening to them at night while they were alone. Just small stuff like lights flickering, noises, footsteps; stuff people say to scare each other. I never really believed any of it.

One time we were joking around, telling the "spirit" to tell us what was wrong. Looking back I think that was one of the dumbest things we've ever done.

Soon after that night, things seemed to get worse. My brother had the room in the basement when he lived here, and he didn't seem to mind the cold that the winter would bring to that room. One night though, he started sleeping upstairs. Curious, we asked him what had happened. He told us that a few nights before, he was almost asleep and someone opened the door to his room. He thought it was mom, so he didn't bother looking up. But then he felt something grab his leg, hard. He instinctively reached out to hit whoever grabbed him, and when he did the person took off upstairs and slammed the basement door.

He got up and ran after the person, but when he got upstairs everyone was asleep, the doors were still locked, no one was there. He was about 18 at the time, and soon after he moved in with his girlfriend, and has been there since.

That was one of the bigger things that happened, and it kind of freaked me out.

My cousin moved in and stayed in that room for about six months and nothing happened to him, but that room always gave me a weird feeling. It wasn't just the room though. The only place I feel safe at night is my bedroom and the den.

From here at the computer I can see into the kitchen (to my left), the rest of the den behind me, and into the living room from the other door in the den.

One night I was sitting at the computer and I had the TV on behind me for background noise. I wasn't really paying attention, but after awhile I noticed that the volume was slowly going down, and it was a big difference from what it had been five minutes before. I went over and shut it off and came back to the computer. Then I could hear the show I was watching before, the volume slowly getting louder. It was really creepy, because I had shut the TV off, and it didn't make the noise TVs make when they are turned on. Not long after that I went to bed.

My cat also acts strange sometimes, she's always at my side when I'm the last awake, and hardly ever sleeps anywhere but my room alone at night. One time she wanted to go outside (she goes out to do her business), and I went outside with her because it was really warm in the house. I live out in the country, woods all around, I have the big barn, it's really nice place to live. I was sitting on the step out back while my cat sniffed at a bush, and I heard a big snap come from the woodshed, like someone had just stepped on a twig. Then there was a big noise, like the woodpile was being pushed over. My cat took off around the side of the house and I ran inside, and the next day all the wood was still perfectly piled.

Those things really creeped me out, but that was nothing compared to the thing that happened last summer, when I was 15.

I was home alone, my elder brother and sister both moved out, my younger sister away at a friend's. I was watching a cartoon movie, trying not to get myself scared before my friend arrived (the movie was The Emperor's New Groove if you're interested). I heard a knock on the back door, the door that guests always come into, and I got up to go let her in. When I opened the door though, no one was there. Thinking that it was odd, I shut the door, and as soon as I did, the doorbell rang. Thinking that my friend ran around front, I went to the front door (which was by the living room) and opened it. No one. All of a sudden the door slammed shut, and the doorbell rang over and over again. I could hear a man yelling outside to let him in, it's cold out and he needed to use the phone. It was August, how could it be cold? My house is full of big windows, every room has one with the exception of the room downstairs and the bathroom. I looked out them constantly at the doors, the doorbell was still ringing, but no one was ever at the doors. Then it stopped, I could see headlights. My friend was here. I ran outside and jumped into the car and told her there was no way I was going back there until morning. I didn't lock the doors or shut off any lights, I just left.

The next morning we went back to see if the man had went into the house. The doors were locked, the lights were shut off? everything was the same. Whoever it was didn't even use the phone. I checked the re-dial; the number belonged to my friend.

I know this story is getting long, but there's a little more.

We live near a sharp turn, and every winter there is at least one car that ends up in our ditch. We contacted the previous owners of the house, and they told us that a man had an accident one winter night when they weren't home, and had died on the doorstep. They think he stood out there, waiting for someone to answer the door, until he died. We think he's angry with us, thinks it was us that didn't answer the door, thinks that it's our fault that he died, and he's still waiting for someone to answer the door. The next time he's out there I want to answer the door, let him move on, but we haven't seen him since. Did he come in that night I left? Has he moved on? I hope so!

Thanks for reading!

Molly, New Brunswick, Canada
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