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Attic Encounter With My Dead Brother

June 2001

It's been about a year since this happened to me. In fact, I discovered this site as a means to help me realize that I wasn't alone in some of the things that have happened. I swear to you that this is true, and that no drugs/alcohol were involved. To this day, I still shake telling the story.

My brother committed suicide May 22, 1996. My older sister, his twin, has always claimed to feel his presence, and on several occasions, has seen him.

She tells me that she's woken up on many nights and seen a figure with red eyes standing in the doorway. She says she can't see his face, but just knows that it's him because she "feels" it.

I personally believe in ghosts, so it didn't surprise me. I also believe that people who commit suicide have confused souls and are sometimes trapped in this world. Well, I think I have a good point for my theory.

We lived in a rent house in Rollingwood, Texas (neighbourhood of South/West Austin). Wanting to save money with cheaper rent, I took the crappy room that was actually part of the attic that had been converted with walls, lights, etc. This room always gave me the creeps, but I always told myself to "cowboy up" and suck it up. One night I went to bed and all hell broke loose.

I woke up and the room was freezing. I can't remember if I could see my breath, but I wouldn't be surprised if I could have. I guess I had cocooned myself in my blankets in an attempt to stay warm, but it didn't work. So I rolled over some more and something caught my eye in the far corner of the room. I saw a figure in all black. I couldn't see his face, but he had red eyes. These things were flying around him...they were gray in colour. They moved like smoke, but had faces. He never said a word. Just stared.

Of course, I'm scared out of my mind. I immediately turn my head and close my eyes. Here I am, a grown 25-year-old man, closing my eyes as if I were seeing the bogeyman. I told myself in my mind that it was just my imagination, but this is where the freaky part begins.

I could feel something poking my back and shoulders. I refused to look, but still I could feel it. I finally looked, and there was one of those gray things hovering over me. I closed my eyes again, but I could still see his face. Very similar to when someone takes your picture and you can see the flash in your eyes still, even if you close your eyes.

It's at this point my mind starts to come back to me and I remember what my older sister told me...about Gene coming to visit her...the red eyes. She would get him to go away by simply looking at him and saying "Gene, you're scaring me. Go away." and he would leave.

Desperate, I open my eyes. Look directly at the figure, and repeat what she had told me. Without saying a word, the figure moved from the corner to a small door in the wall (which lead to the attic) and disappeared.

I didn't fall asleep for the rest of the night. In fact, I didn't sleep well for weeks afterwards. For the rest of the week, I slept with my bedroom lights on...then I would turn them off and turn on the hall light (with my door open). Fortunately, the people who rented the house to us decided to sell it and subsequently broke our lease.

We vacated the house and moved up into Northwest Austin where I haven't seen him again.

I told my mother about it. She asked me how Gene had found me....ha...just kinda laughed and said "He looked me up in the yellow pages mom...I don't know." When I told my older sister (his twin) she had told me that she's had similar bad experiences with him.

I can understand his connection to my older sister, but I can't figure out why he would visit me. Maybe as a way to apologize, or to just check on us. I don't believe he wants to hurt me (or my family), but he may unintentionally carry evil feelings with him because of his method of death. Who knows....

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