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Attracted To Legs

Victoria, Australia
January 2002

Just before I start, let me tell you that I grew up in Philippines, where true ghosts stories are told and are unbelievably popular. Though I never had an experience until one night which happened around this time last year, in Australia.

I was baby sitting my cousins at my aunt's place and at lunch I was talking to my aunt about the house we used to live in Philippines which is more than half a century old.

I lived there until I was thirteen and nearly everyone in my family including housemaids have had their experience of strange sounds and disappearing objects.

We discussed my grandmother's encounter with my murdered great grandfather and other ghostly experiences (too many to mention) my relatives have had. I stopped talking to my aunt about it after I felt the hair on my neck and my arms rise.

When I went to sleep that night, I was awoken, by this tickly touch on my leg. I carelessly scratched it as I believed I thought it was nothing. It stopped for a little while and it happened again. I was rubbing it until I was fully awake. That was then I realised it felt the tip of someone's fingers slowly running up my leg. I was scared to open my eyes, afraid of what I might see. It kept on going and I just continuously rubbed my hands against my leg and finally got the idea of putting my quilt over it.

To my relief, it stopped for about two minutes. This is when it began to freak me out. I felt the quilt being lifted up from my leg, and those hands begin feeling my leg up again. I never felt anything like it before. I don't know if it was my imagination or not but it felt real. I never did bother opening my eyes. Luckily, my uncle was in the same room as me. It took me like two minutes to wake him up. I didn't get up but called him across the bedroom. That's when it stopped touching me.

The next morning I thought what it might have been. And I was just thinking, because maybe I spoke about ghosts too much that day, maybe it heard me and came to me. I don't really know. Did anyone ever have the same experience?

Victoria, Australia
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