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Aunt Noni's In The Mirror

Crystal, FL, USA
December 2004

When I was born (an only child, to older parents) after I was about a year old, my Mom went back to work. We had wonderful next door neighbors (Noni and Claude). I guess they took care of me during the day from the time I was a year old until we moved from Ohio to Florida when I was two and a half. I do remember loving them very much, they being very sweet people. Their house was directly across the road from a church, which I guess Aunt Noni went to everyday.

We moved to Orlando, and one day I was taking a nap in my room, and was awakened by someone ever so lightly calling my name. Everyone called me "Chrissy" when I was little, so I heard "Chrissy", "Chrissy", and I looked in my dresser mirror and my Aunt Noni is there, and she said very plainly to me: "Chrissy, honey, it's time for Aunt Noni to go, but I couldn't leave without telling you how much I love you".. I screamed bloody murder (of course) and as soon as my Mom stepped into the doorway of my bedroom, my Aunt Noni slowly faded away..

I am now 36 years old, and remember this as if it were yesterday.. ;0) My Mom and Dad didn't know that Aunt Noni had died, until my Mom called Uncle Claude that same night, to tell him about what "Chrissy saw".....

Needless to say, I have been a very spiritual person ever since I was small. This is actually the first time I've written this "visit" down. My Mom and Dad have both since passed, and both "visited" me very vividly in dreams. My Dad showed me heaven, told me to pick a flower (gorgeous gerber daisy) and I said "no, Dad, it's so pretty", and he said to me, "Crystal, pick the flower," and so I did, and BAM!!!! another one grew in it's place, and I woke up.. So wonderful, all the signs our loved ones give us, we really just have to be open to them, and ask for that alertness from our Lord.

Hope everyone enjoyed reading my experiences, and here's hoping that you're "visited" by one of your loved ones real soon...... ;0)

Happy Holidays!!!

Crystal, FL, USA
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