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Baby Ghost

Gina Richards, MD, USA
March 2001

This story happened about 16 years ago, but seems as if it only happened yesterday because it made such an impact on me.

At that time I had just moved into an apartment with my two sons, age 5 and 15 mo. The layout of the apartment was pretty standard with the livingroom being the first room you entered as you came in. The hallway leading to the bedrooms and bathroom was clearly seen from the living room.

One day my oldest son went into the bathroom and came out screaming, obviously terrified. When questioned, he said that the shower curtains had moved. O.K., not so scary. I explained to him that it was the wind or a draft that had moved the curtain but he didn't seem too convinced. I thought nothing more about it until he started having trouble sleeping in his room at night. He said that his toys were moving around by themselves. I have never been one to give in to my kids when I think they are being silly, so I wouldn't hear of him sleeping anywhere but in his bed. I swear, my son developed black circles under his eyes because he was not sleeping.

Shortly after all these incidents with my son, I was sitting in my livingroom relaxing one evening after I had put my kids to bed. Suddenly, I looked up and saw a baby run from the boys room across the hall and into the bathroom. I thought it was my youngest son, so I got up and went into the bathroom but no baby in there. Looking into the bedroom, I saw both boys in their beds (the oldest, of course, wide awake).

This happened every night thereafter and was witnessed by visitors that would come to my apartment without me ever mentioning the occurrences myself beforehand. In disbelief, friend after friend would go to investigate the baby in the bathroom, only to find no baby there.

I have to tell you that I was never scared by this baby, unlike my child. Instead, whenever he would appear I felt only a great sense of sadness.

After about a month of seeing this baby run from the bedroom to the bathroom, I went to the rental office to inquire as to anything that might have happened there in the past. The ladies in the office told me that a fire had started in that apartment and a baby about 18 months old had died. They told me that when the firefighters found the little one he had obviously crawled from his crib and gone into the bathtub because that is where they found him.

Gina Richards, MD, USA
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