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Back From The Dead

November 2001

Hello. I'm going to tell a true story that I do believe in. It happened to my Aunt who has diabetes. She is 45 years old, and this happened almost a year ago.

My Aunt is a diabetic, and she was in good condition. She had an attack almost a year ago, and she was rushed to the hospital. We were at a B.B.Q for my birthday when this happened. Nobody knows what happened to her. We were all having fun and everything, and then she just dropped to the ground while setting the table. My mom and my other aunt rushed to go see her. She was unconcious, and the ambulance was on it's way. It terrified me because I was walking towards her to go help set up the table, and she just dropped to the ground. I stopped and stared in confusion for a quick second. Then I yelled "Mom!!". So they came running and started freaking out. I started to cry because I didn't know what was going on, or how she was.

The ambulance came, took her and rushed to the hospital. They were trying to revive her, but before they got to the hospital, she died. They said her blood sugar was too low, and caused an attack.

It was really odd because my aunt hasn't had anything dramatic happen to her with her diabetes, and she took really good care of herself too, so it was a surprise. It was the most horrifying thing I've ever witnessed!!

After coming back from the hospital, we went inside and my dad stayed home to make calls. He said the hospital phoned and told him that my Aunt was still alive. As soon as I heard that, it got everything off my chest, and I had the biggest smile on my face, and I began to cry in happiness. We then rushed back to the hospital, but we couldn't see her just yet.

The story was, that as they were bringing her to the morgue in the body bag, they heard a soft noise - like a moaning noise, the attendants saw the body bag move. They opened the bag and my Aunt was lying there with her eyes open and she was crying!

I was really happy that she was back, and so they brought her to a room to rest. We never got to see her for about another hour. Once we saw her she was just lying there, with tears still in her eyes. We went and told her that we were so worried and scared, and thought she was gone. She said she did leave, and she saw my grandmother (who passed away 2 years ago from diabetes). She started crying again. She said it was just her she saw, she hugged my Aunt, and she had a feeling that it was not time yet - like that hug was what it meant - and somehow she got the message clearly. My grandmother said to her "Wish Matt luck for me and not to worry" and she let go. As she was leaving, my Aunt said she heard my grandmother's voice around her while watching her leave saying "I will see you again my love", and so my grandmother slowly disappeared, and it was pitch dark. Well, I can't say that my grandmother was drifting away because my Aunt doesn't know if it was her or my grandmother that was drifting away. So then she said she felt something go into her, and then she felt herself in a confined place in the dark hearing people talk and whatever she was lying down on, was moving.

That's when she started to cry in the body bag, and then she saw someone unzip it, and saw 2 guys in hospital clothes on. She asked them "Where am I?" as she was still crying. My mom and my aunt hugged her, and I was standing at the foot of her bed and we all started crying.

They said she was legally dead for 19 minutes. The weird part is, that I'm Matt and that day was my 19th Birthday. I got really freaked out about that because I don't know why my grandmother wished me luck. That's frustrating and it worries me so much! I don't know what to it, but I am trying not to worry about it".

My aunt said it was really different - and it felt like seconds when it happened - not minutes (26 minutes to be exact). So I was searching the net because I was bored, and I came across this website.

So as it ends, my Aunt Megs is alive, and couldn't be more healthier! :)..... and we are much closer than we ever have been before!

My Aunt doesn't remember dropping to the ground. She just remembers setting the table and a quick rush of pain go through her body and doesn't remember being alive or unconcious - but from her story, it was setting the table, that quick pain through her body, (and doesn't know how long it lasted), and then the pain stopped. As it stopped, at the same time she felt like she was nothing. She didn't feel light or heavy.

The first thing she noticed was that she wasn't breathing, and it was light (like a white glow), but couldn't see through herself or anything. And my grandmother came, hugged her and told her all that. Then they were moving father apart - and she noticed herself breathing and having feeling and weight again. She said it touched her so much, and she felt like "anything is possible because of the feeling of love, joy and peace. It was the most relaxing moment that I've ever felt before!".

I do believe her because my aunt is pleasant, and hates liars and people like that. I dunno if it was the worst birthday I've ever had or whatever - I don't know what ot think of it. Over all, I wished that none of it happened because now it's affected my whole life - but I don't know how. But there is my story.

So I thought I might share my story with the world.

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