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Bad Mommy

Washington, USA
June 2001

Of course, this is a true story that happened to me. Our house was built in 1901 and when we first moved in strange things would happen. The following is my favourite.

Our four-year old daughter Sara was playing in her bedroom. She was jumping on her bed and it sounded like she was bouncing off the walls too.

I was in the kitchen cooking dinner, so I went and told her to stop jumping on her bed. Back in the kitchen I heard her again. Being four-years old Sara didn't listen to me. I had to go and tell her, "Please Don't Jump On Your Bed!!" (I really hate to repeat myself.)

I left and a few minutes later I heard the sound of banging on the walls. Well, I went back to her room and said "Sara, if you don't stop jumping on the bed I will paddle your bottom!" As the word "bottom" left my mouth I felt a sharp, electric pain on my bottom! It almost felt like I had been spanked! And it was such a sudden pain that I yelled Ouch!!! Now I would never spanked my daughter, ever. I am one of those mothers that would threaten to spank and never follow through with it.

Later on, my husband and I found out that a very nice old lady, Mrs. Bullitt, lived in our house. She would always have kids playing in her yard and she would bake them cookies.

We have lived here six-years and now I have kids playing in our yard and I bake them cookies!! I think Mrs. Bullitt knows that I am not a Bad Mommy. And I will always remember the spanking I got from her :)

Washington, USA
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