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Bad Spirit

Joe, MA, USA
May 1998

This story is absolutely true. It happened to me. I have two brothers that used to live on Cape Cod. One brother used to rent an apartment, which was the basement section of a one story house. I visited him several times while he lived there. This is what happened........

The first time I saw the house, I felt dread and foreboding. Alot of negative energy in the place. Even though my brother who lived there said he didn't feel it, I felt it strongly. The apartment consisted of the front door going into the living room, having the kitchen at the other end of the living room. To the right of the kitchen is the bedroom and to the left of the kitchen is a hallway which led to the bathroom. On that hallway is door that was kept locked that led to stairs which went to the main floor of the the house. The areas which felt the worst was the bedroom, the living room and that door that led to the stairway. That doorway felt dark and evil. Like a negative black void. The first few times I visited him there, there was only that diffuse sense of evil lurking in the background. Whenever I tried to kick back and relax the feeling got worse. Especially if I had a couple of drinks. It felt like something was sapping my energy. Like you get when your becoming ill. Except with a strong feeling of dread. It was very disturbing and unpleasant.

During one summer, my brother had gone away to attend school for his job and lent the place to myself and a couple of friends so we could stay there and see tourist spots on the cape. The first thing I did when I arrived there with my friends was to unpack my stuff. I put my personal items on his bureau. I put his stuff aside and made a spot for my stuff so I knew exactly what I had. I decided to take a shower and freshen up so my friend and myself could go out and have some fun. After the shower I went to use my underarm deodorant and it was gone. I know I put it on the bureau. I searched the room and my bags. I even dragged my arm across the bureau just in case it was one of those times where you are looking at something but don't see it. It wasn't there. I asked my friends if they took it or if they had seen it. They both said no. I assumed I misplaced it. I decided to pick up a new one while I was out the next day. I did. When we got back I went to put the new one on the bureau and there was my old one. No one moved it. Yet it disappeared and reappeared on its own. That night I had gone to bed and I couldn't shake the feeling like someone was staring at me intently with malevolent feelings. I couldn't see anything. But I felt it. For both nights I stayed there I slept very little and sweated the whole night.

Some months later I was back at the cape for my other brothers birthday party. We stayed there until it was late and some of us decided to stay the night. There wasn't enough room at my brothers house so I volunteered to stay at my other brothers creepy apartment. So far nothing bad happened, just some creepy things. I thought it would be okay. I could stand a few hours sleep there. I got there in the early hours of the morning and settled in. I was very tired so I fell asleep rather quickly. Sometime before daylight I woke up in terror. All I knew was that there was something surrounding me desperately trying to get inside my body. Trying to violate my being. I've learned to think well on my feet and instinctively I said the 'Our Father' and instantly it was gone. Right after that I was still scared and shook up. I was in shock. Nothing can truly describe what I was feeling. I got a distinct impression though. That it was and intelligent being and knew what it was doing. It was the spirit of a man who was about 5'8" to 5'10", Caucasian, dark hair and mean in life and in death. It felt that it shouldn't be dead. It felt cheated that its life had been taken away from it. I felt it had been murdered. But not as an innocent, but while it had been involved in something bad. It wanted my life to make up for the loss of its own. I never went back there. My brother said he never felt anything bad there, though he's not very sensitive.

Joe, MA, USA
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