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Barracks Ghost

Christopher Tagseth, CO, USA
July 2003

My name is Lance Corporal Christopher Tagseth, and I’m a United States Marine. I’ve seen ghosts since I was about six years old, so I’m not one to get spooked by the supernatural. In my experiences, I’ve found that there are both good ghosts and bad. If you prefer to call the bad ones "demons", then be my guest, but I’m no expert on that topic, so I’ll stay in my own arena. For the sake of space, I’ll call them demons in the following text.

I know it sounds so clich?, but the good ones seem to give off a light, while on the other side of the spectrum, "demons" seem to suck light in. I don’t really know how to explain it other than to say that there is a lack of light surrounding them. All of this information will come in to play later in my story.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of about 6 months ago, I was stationed in Meridian, MS. The Navy base that I was stationed on is about 25 miles from the edge of Meridian, so it’s out in the boonies. The base is completely surrounded by trees, so at night, when you’re walking post all by yourself, it can be kind of spooky. There was many a time when I’d be walking my rounds that I would hear footsteps above me. The first couple times, I would run up to the second deck, expecting to see some Marines catching a midnight smoke. Before I continue, I should mention that I can sense when there is a spirit near me. Whenever I would hear these footsteps and go running to see whom it was, I wouldn’t find anybody, but there was also no feeling of nearby spirits. So it didn’t even occur to me that it was anything more than a couple of renegade boot-Marines. That was until I heard the footsteps above me, on top of the roof!!! Ladies and Gents, trust me when I say that there are no Marines, or even sailors for that matter, that are stupid enough to pull a stunt like that.

It was about this time that I started to hear stories from my peers about some unexplained activity going on in barracks # 206 (that’s just in case you happen to be staying there). As a side note, these barracks are only about two years old, so I doubt that the actual building was the cause of these hauntings. Some people heard voices; some had lights turn on and off; basically just the typical haunting stuff. No one had actually seen whoever or whatever was causing the disturbance. That was true at least until one night?

I was tired as hell for some reason, and I needed to get up at about 0500 the next morning, so I decided to hit the rack early. I was lying on my back listening to Tribe Called Quest, and I even remember what song I was listening to: "Can I Kick It?" Anyways, all of a sudden, things started to move really fast in my head. It was like there was a racetrack and the cars were going mach speed against the walls of my cranium. Everything slowed down, and I got this mental picture of a face. I can still see it, and feel it’s frozen gaze staring at me. It was the head of a blond girl, slightly turned to the side, and there was a sick grimace/half-smile on her face. Her hair appeared to be falling out, and flesh was barely clinging to her skull. The skin was receding around the corners of her eyes. I sat up and opened my eyes, trying to get rid of the image. To my disappointment, every time I closed my eyes, she was still there. Right then, the light in my roommate’s closet came on (in our closets, we had a sensor that would turn on the light when we entered). It just so happened that his closet door was locked. As this was happening I started to realize that I wasn’t getting either a good vibe, or a bad one from this anomaly. As I stated above, I don’t get freaked easily. Something about this experience scared the hell out of me. I got up and got out of dodge as quick as I could. Tears streamed down my cheeks, and even though I was in a different, well-lit room, her face was still imprinted on my mind.

The next day, I told everybody my story?some people laughed and some people didn’t. The point is, shortly after, a couple of Marines came to me, claiming to have seen not only the blond ghost, but also another brunette ghost. From then one, we started to call them "The Sisters". We never actually gathered any hard evidence on there presence, so we don’t know if they were killed there, or if they are buried there, ext. There are other stories about them, but those stories would be better told by the people that actually experienced them.

Christopher Tagseth, CO, USA
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