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Basement Ghost (4)

Danica West, Utah, USA
November 2002

Ihave thought for many years that my house is haunted. Now I know for sure.

It was a very hot July day; the temperature was somewhere in the 90s. I had to take some dirty clothes into the laundry room in the basement. I had witnessed "cold spots" and other ghostly phenomena down there before, but I had thought this was just the normal response to a dark, creepy basement.

To get to the laundry room in my house you have to walk down a long hallway which I have always thought is creepy because of its lack of sufficient lighting. When I turned the corner into the laundry room I was suddenly face to face with a large swirling ball of whitish mist. It just stayed where it was for a second, then it came closer to me. Then it shot across the room and disappeared.

I don't know what happened there exactly, but I think I met a spirit. I am scared because my bedroom is in the basement and I don't know if the spirit means me any harm.

If you know anything about this please email me.

Thank you.

Danica West, Utah, USA
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