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Bath Time

Courtney, NSW, Australia
January 2002

Hi my name is Courtney and I live in Sydney, Australia. I sometimes baby sit my little cousins, which on this occasion was one of the strangest things I have ever encountered before. This is my encounter, well not actually mine, but more so my little cousins, Jenna (not her real name).

It was about 2pm and I got a call from my cousin Layna (not her real name) who wanted me to baby sit her daughter. She said she would pay me to do it, so I figured since I needed the money I would do it.

My mum drove me over at about 4.30pm. When I got there my cousin Layna said I had to feed and bath my cousin Jenna before I put her to bed (the house my cousin was living in at the time was her mothers house they were staying in it till their house was built.)

Anyway it came to about 5.30pm maybe later and I thought I should probably make some dinner. Thats when things started to go weird.

I started to cook dinner while Jenna was at the table drawing when for no reason at all she would look continuously at the wall and laugh. At first I thought she was just playing around. She soon stopped what she was looking at and started to talk to me and asked me if I thought the man was funny. At this stage I was starting to get a strange feeling but I ignored it as I didn't want to get panicked and make Jenna upset. After dinner I turned the TV on and let Jenna watch it until I had washed up and was ready to give her a bath.

About 10 minutes after we had eaten I got her ready for her bath. When out of no where she looked straight past me andstarted to laugh again so I then began to hurry the bath. When I had finished washing her hair I pulled her out of the bath, dried her and dressed her. Now this got me thinking. I started to wonder what would make a 4 year old child laugh like that for no reason at all. So I asked Jenna what she was laughing at and her reply was as follows "didn't you see the old man pulling funny faces?" I of course said no as I didn't. So I asked her to show me a picture of the man and as soon as I said it she pointed to a picture of her dads father who had passed just recently of cancer.

That night I slept in her room because I didn't want any harm to be brought upon her even though the man was her grandfather I just didn't feel very secure anymore.

Later on that night I was woken by something brushing over me, when I looked up there was this figure leaning over me and touching my cousins face. I felt kind of scared yet happy. The old man looked at me and made a "shhh quiet" sign. No sooner had he done this he had kissed Jenna on the check and vanished.

I slept with so much ease that night and I felt so mush more safe than I have ever felt in my life.

When I told her parents of it the next morning her dad smiled at me and said "I'm so happy he has seen her". Now when I baby sit and I see either Jenna or her little sister Analyse laugh I always smile and remember two years ago on that special but scary night.

Courtney, NSW, Australia
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