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Bathroom Companion

Lawanna Palmer, Georgia, USA
January 1999

My brother had just returned to Georgia from a stint in the Navy. He and his wife bought a normal looking two-story house in a nondescript subdivision in our home town of Duluth. The house seemed to have a "feel" about it. I couldn't put my finger on it - that is until one afternoon.....

I was twenty years old at the time (I am now 38) and being young and vain, I was always interested in my appearance. I had excused myself to go to the ladies room and in the course of my visit there had become immersed in (excuse me) picking at my face. While I was so intently concentrating on my face - someone tapped me on the shoulder. You know tap-tap-tap. I whirled around wondering if my brother had snuck up on me to give me a fright. There was no one there and it took me a second to get the door UNLOCKED so that I could take the stairs two at a time to get back in the company of my family.

This is not the only experience that I (or my family) have had. If you like it perhaps I will submit more. Thank you for your time.

Lawanna Palmer, Georgia, USA
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