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Be Careful What You Wish For

December 2002

A little over a year ago when I was 15, my Nana died from problems starting with her kidney and ending with her heart. It affected me the most because out of all my cousins I was the first born and I was "Nana's girl".

One night my godmother and I were visiting my godfather and his fiance. Somehow we started talking about psychics and weird things happening after my Nana died. Then my godfather was telling us what happened to him... After all of his siblings telling him about how they felt the presence of their mother or something weird happening, he got upset and wondered why his mother couldn't give him a sign too.

Well, one night he was working on a new bathroom he was putting up in his house and he was thinking about his mother and all the stories he was hearing from the family. He went to his livingroom to take a break, and was sitting on his couch watching T.V., thinking about his mother. Across from the couch, next to the T.V. are two bifolding doors which lead to the front door. When he went into the livingroom he closed the doors. After a little while he heard a noise coming from by the front door. He looked over through the bifold doors but the front door was still closed so he thought maybe it was just the wind against the window. A couple of minutes later he heard another creaking noise but didn't pay attention to it. Then he saw something out of the corner of his of the bifolding doors opened just a crack out of no where! He sat there in shock and couldn't even move. He got up and went to look at the front door...closed and locked. He looked up the stairs to look at the other door...completely shut. He went back into the livingroom, shut the bifolding doors and sat back down. A little while later he was still kind of shaky. He was asking his mother "was that my sign, was that you?". Again he felt something, this time the entire bifold door flew open! He jumped up and just stood there staring at it. He didn't know what to do, he called his fiance and told her what was going on and as if she knew something told him it was his mother there with him.

It scared him so much, even thought he knew it was his mother just checking in on him. I don't think he ever asked for a sign again! As for me, I definitely believe in the paranormal.

Something has happened to me, in a way, it could have just been those weird sounds that houses make sometimes but I doubted it for a while. I know every single sound this house makes and every door frame and step that creaks, and it didn't make sense to me. Let me just put it like this, I don't mind getting signs but I do mind when I get scared to the point I'm gonna pee my pants! So if I was ever to get a sign like my godfather I definitely would not stay as calm as he did.

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