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Bedroom Creeps

Luna, NY, USA
February 2009

I am not a believer of paranormal phenomena but I have now reconsidered the possibilities of ghosts and spirits in our world.

This happened only 2 weeks ago on February 7. It was a Saturday. I was in my room reading a novel when all of a sudden my lights shut off. I know this may sound like something in a horror movie but it's 100% true. Anyways, my lights shut off and I'm stuck in the dark. I put my book down and got up from my bed. I slowly made my way around the edge of the bed and fumbled for the light switch. My hand was on it and as I was about to switch the light back on, I felt someone else's hand over mine. It was cold like ice. I quickly withdrew my hand and stood there for a few moments. I tried to think of a logical explanation but then I heard knocking on my door.

At first I thought it was my younger brother but then I heard a raspy voice call out my name. Instantly, the hairs at the back of my neck stood up. I heard the voice at the other side of the door get closer and closer. The voice was also starting to get louder and louder.

I called for my mother but I guess she didn't hear me. The voice changed slowly and became demonic. I was terrified and didn't know what to do. The voice then stopped and the lights came back on. For a second I thought I saw a gray mist in front of me for a split second. It went away.

This is my first encounter with the paranormal. You can either believe me or not but I am being honest with you. I sometimes wonder if this might ever happen to me again. Let's hope not.

Luna, NY, USA
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