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Bedroom Intruder

Shay N. Louisiana, USA
December 1998

We've lived where we are now for almost 5 years. I truly expected paranormal activity here because our house dates back to the early 1900's, as a matter of fact all the homes built in this particular area were built at the same time by a logging company.

All the families that lived here during those days worked for the logging company. If someone needed furniture, groceries or even wanted to see a movie, it was all right here. The prices of everything were deducted from the workers pay. Oddly enough, my husband's father and mother lived in one of the homes before he was born. Another interesting tidbit is this small sawmill community was once in Ripley's Believe or Not because every house here had a fence around it weird huh?

The house we bought here has been the home for a lot of families. In those days long ago, when people didn't run to a doctor, people died at home surrounded by friends and family. That's the case with my house. I'm certain of 2 people who died here; one was a mother who died after having lived a full life. The second was her son; he died in his late 50's from Cancer. We bought the house from the third generation son. The guy had lived here his entire life. Shortly after his Dad died he came into a large sum of money and spent thousands of dollars renovating. Originally, this house was a very small 2-bedroom house with 12-foot ceilings. Now there are 4 bedrooms total. Two are leading off from the left and the right sides of the huge living room. My daughter's room is one of the original bedrooms. Lots of windows, high ceilings, it was perfect for a little girl!

Considering my past encounters with the spirit world, I expected living here to be like Amityville Horror at the least. Well, I've been here almost five years and nothing, not a single weird thing has happened to me! Until a couple of weeks ago that is.

My husband works at night, so I usually go to bed when my daughter does. I sleep in her room because the house is so big; I don't want to be very far away in case she needs me during the night. I've also become addicted to taking naps during the day. I climb in her bed after she's off to school and sleep like a baby. Her bed is an antique; it belonged to the lady I mentioned earlier who died in the house. Well I think she's back!

I was very comfy and almost asleep the other day, hubby wasn't home yet and rain was falling softly outside. Perfect nap weather! I heard footsteps come into the room and stop at the foot of the bed, I didn't move, I was afraid to. The footsteps continued around to the side of the bed, and stopped again. I felt something move near my feet, like someone was straightening the covers or something. Then suddenly I was alone again. As soon as I begun to relax again and convince myself it was my imagination, here come the foot steps again, same thing as before only I could feel them pass between the bed and a fan I had blowing towards me. I know this because for a second I couldn't feel the air and I could feel the presence. I didn't get the feeling I was in danger it was sort of like "they" were checking on me, maybe making sure I was snug and comfy? Who knows?? I still didn't move a muscle and "they" left again. You guessed it, not 5 minutes past and here comes my "buddy" again! Ok, yup, I'm freaking out now! To scared to move, had my pillow over my head asking God to keep me safe!! I never looked out to see if I could actually see this spirit, I just stayed as still as possible until I "felt" alone again. Then I shot up out of there like the Six Million-Dollar man! I felt really foolish and haven't told anyone about my visitor; I was convinced that it was my imagination.

So far, she or he has checked on me three different times now. Same thing as before, I feel movement around my feet, hear the footsteps, then I'm alone again. I'm fairly certain that my naptime visitor is the old lady, and I don't think she's here to scare anyone. Sure it's unsettling and she's messed up my daily routine, maybe I should scoot over and make room for her on the bed?

Shay N. Louisiana, USA
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