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Bedroom Intrusion

Anna, Minnesota, USA
November 2002

I have always believed in the supernatural and paranormal. My home has become a haven for a rather extensive collection of ghost stories/experiences manuscripts as an off-shoot of that. And I have an innate ability to sense when there's a presence, have prophetic dreams and even out of body experiences at times. I'm also a practicing Wiccan. Despite all that, I have rarely experienced a haunting (although my mother would tell you differently). And I'm not sure if I would even consider what I'm going to tell you about a haunting as much as an invasion of privacy.

My husband and I own a 1920's old store front. We have lived there for almost two years. The old store space is being converted into a living room. It is light, airy, and feels rather happy. No oppressive feelings, and any claustrophobic tendencies comes from the fact that the rooms are tiny. We have a roomie who sleeps up in the attic space, and we all get along well.

There is nothing in the history of the space that gives any indication of hauntings. This is not a house with a ghost in it, I think I would have known right off the bat. The on-going joke among our friends is that we goofed. We bought an old house without a ghostie. That being established... on with the story.

This happened just this past month on October 11th, and it still bothers me a little. Our bedroom has two doors that lead out of it, one that leads to my home office and the other leads to the kitchen. We keep both of them closed when we go to sleep night with a little gap so that the cats can wander in and out, they're both painted white. Our bed is up against the wall across from the door to the kitchen. My husband sleeps on the inside of the bed, next to the wall, since I work mornings. That leaves me on the outside.

We were sleeping pretty soundly, and I remember waking up briefly and asking what was going on when my husband got out of bed to let out the cats. Apparently, one of them managed to bat it closed and neither of the boys could leave the room. He opened the door a little, climbed back into bed, and I flipped onto my stomach and fell back to sleep.

I'm not sure whether the dream I had was a continuation of the one I originally woke up from, or an entirely new one. But it came across like I was being read a story, complete with pictures, words on the page, and voice reading aloud. It was about a couple, people I didn't know or recognize, and how happy they were. Rather mundane until the page turned and the voice read "And then, one day, she died."

At which point a voice in the room woke me up. It was loud, angry and surprised. I was immediately aware of my surroundings, that my husband was in bed beside me, and one of the cats was at my feet. In other words, I was wide awake. I was still on my stomach, and my head was facing toward the door to the kitchen, and it was still mostly closed. However, in the dim light of morning I could make out that a man was standing in front of it.

I originally thought it was our room mate, after all... who else would be in the house? Although entering a room without knocking isn't his style. I didn't pay attention to details. The figure had his hands over his ears and eyes, and his head was bowed. Rather like someone who either had a horrible headache or was hiding his face.

I lifted my head slightly from the pillow and said "Hey! What's up?", still thinking it was our room mate. That was quickly followed up with a rather startled and confused "Hello?!" as it got through my brain that this was someone I didn't recognize. He was taller than Roomie and had all his hair,(Heh) and I knew where my husband was. And then he just faded away. No turning and leaving, just fading.

Apparently this all happened in a very short time, since my husband hadn't fallen asleep again yet, heard me talking to thin air, and asked what was up. The only response I had for him was "Nothing." It wasn't until later that morning, when both he and Roomie were in the same room that I told them what happened. I had to make sure it wasn't one of them instead.

All three of us are confused by this. We've all experienced odd things, and are not strangers to paranormal experiences. We even get called to look into "wierd things" from time to time. But a presence that seemed to be aware that he was somewhere he didn't want to be, and angry about it?

Anna, Minnesota, USA
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