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Bedside Ghost

May 2006

Ihave read some of the stories on here and several people have encountered the same experience as I have.
I have only lived in two houses for the whole of my life. When I was younger I used to not believe in ghosts and spirits until one night when my parents had gone out to colect my sister.

It was around 10 and I decided to go upstairs, I turned the lights off downstairs and climbed the stairs but stopped suddenly. Maybe I wasn't paying attention but I saw out of the corner of my eye a leg disappear behind the stair banister.
I stood for about five minutes without realising. I then climbed the rest of the stairs not knowing what I would find facing me.
As I turned the corner I saw the same leg disappear into the study. By this time I was pretty freaked out. I desided just to go in there and check it out, there was nothing. I went back to the landing and into my bedroom without turning on the light because I was to tired. I was almost asleep when I sat up abruptly, having noticed a shadowy figure standing in the corner of my room. At that point I screamed. As quickly as possible I drew the covers over my face and sat with my eyes shut tight and my teeth clenched.
After about five minutes I looked up from the covers and found the figure was closer and clearer. It was a young boy about eight or nine staring right at me - almost as though his glaze went right through me. I was to scared to blink I just stared straight at him. It seemed like only about 20 seconds before the figure disappeared, even though I don't remember it walking out of my room, it seemed to glide. I sat there thinking what on earth it could have been. Then the door opened so quickly I almost fell out of bed. My dad was standing in the doorway with a terrified look on his face. 'Whats the matter?' I asked him. He didn't reply he just walked around my room searching and finally he replied 'Are you ok?' and I didn't understand why he had said that and asked ' why wouldn't I be?'. His face bared no expression after I said this... he then told me that the front door was left wide open and specks of blood were on the carpet and walls leading up the stairs. I sat in shock... could it have been the boy?

A few moths later we moved out into the house we are in today, and I am glad. The events of that night still haunt me even to this very day.

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