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Before The Clock Strikes Twelve

Chalee, California, USA
November 2004

This story is true. This story took place in the month of November. It was just beginning to get cold in the evenings in Southern California. My son woke up around 11:30 p.m. with a stuffy nose and a real bad cough. He hadn't any temperature but was miserable just the same. I began to look in the cabinets for some cough medicine but to no avail. I then decided to put a sweat suit on and drive to our local Grocery Store. I grabbed my purse, keys, and my dog Logan. As I opened my back door I noticed it was extremely cold and foggy. I opened the garage door and Logan and I jumped into the car. Backing out of my driveway I noticed the fog was as thick as "Pea soup". This made driving very difficult and slow, but I eventually arrived.

I noticed all the lights were on inside the store so I parked the car leaving the window open for Logan. As I entered I noticed no one at the check-out counter and thought that was a little odd. I began to walk down the "Medicine" aisle picking up boxes and reading labels. I then heard the sound of something being dragged down the opposite aisle and wondered what it was. Then the dragging stopped. I resumed reading labels when I came to a decision on which medicine to purchase. At this time I heard the dragging sound begin again. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, and my intuition told me I needed to leave-- NOW! I walked to the end of my aisle, crept around to see what or who was on the next aisle, and I saw a man with lifeless eyes and rotting flesh dragging himself in my direction! I turned around and began to run from him and found myself in the "Butcher section". There was a man standing at the meat display, he had a piece of Raw flesh hanging out of his mouth, his face was covered in blood. My heart leapt into my throat and I began to run in the direction of the exit. Just as I turned the corner and was inches away from the door I slipped, twisting my ankle severely. I started to get up and felt the pain shoot up my leg, but at this time I was going on pure adrenalin! I pushed the exit door open and began to painfully hobble to my car. I could sense someone, or something, right behind me. And it was closing in fast! I reached the car and threw open the door, jumping in frantically. The creature was at my window instantly, reaching and grabbing for me with it's bony claws. I'll never forget the smell of it's foul breath! I tried to roll the window up but my strength failed me!.. Luckily my loyal dog Logan began to ferociously attack the creature. This gave me enough time to get my keys in the ignition. I threw the car into reverse and heard a sickening thump, as my car rolled over the horrible creature. However I could not, would not stop!

Speeding through the fog I hit another one of them as I spun out of the parking lot. I drove home dazed and in shock. Stumbling into the house I slumped into a chair gazing down at the bottle of medicine I was holding in my limp hand. Remembering why I had gone to the store in the first place and the reason was in the next room. I slipped into my beautiful son's room gave him some medicine and watched him slip into a deep slumber. Shortly after this happened the "Town Grocery Store" closed, a new building was built across the street. A ninety-nine cent store opened up in the grocery stores old location, but they never stay open later then 6:00 p.m.

Years later after our kids had grown up I told them this story. They laughed, and jokingly said "You just made that up, Mom". To this day no one in my family has ever set foot in that old grocery store--now the ninety-nine cent store! If you ever find yourself in our town and you decide to stop by the ninety- nine cent store just make sure you leave before the clock strikes twelve!!!

Chalee, California, USA
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