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Being A First Time Home Owner

Crystal Hubbell, OH, USA
December 2004

Being a 20 year-old and buying my first house seemed like a great experience. It was a small house with 2 bedrooms and a back room that could be used for a bedroom or a study. We used it for both at one time or another. You had to go through this room to get to the one bath that was in the house. There was a nice size kitchen and huge living room with very tall ceilings and crown molding. It was a pretty house and I was proud of myself for finding it.

I was seeing a guy who had a 3 year old son at the time. Since then, life has changed and we both moved on. I never really felt uneasy at the house until I had been there for a few months. After those few months and we were settled in, I couldn't sleep in the house alone. If he was at work, I was awake. I just told myself that it was me being a chicken and that there was nothing to be worried about. I still couldn't sleep.

His son came to our house every other weekend and spent his time playing and doing what normal 3 year olds do. One evening his son came out of the bathroom and wouldn't come any further. I told him to get to the kitchen, it was dinner time, and the reply I received was "I can't, the man won't let me." And so it all began with 'The Man.' Over time, the man came and went. His son talked about the man scaring him. He was a dark man. The man wouldn't let him out of the room he was in. I always just blamed it on the childs overactive imagination. One evening while putting him to bed he told me that he scared the man this time. Now the man went away. Then be could go to sleep.

Soon, more things started happening. His father saw someone walk into his sons room one evening when it was just the 3 of us in the house. When we checked, there was no one there. We had a friend who stayed with us for a few months. During the time he was there he saw many things. One evening he woke up to blue flames dancing up the walls. There were no lights on at the time. One night someone (something?) came into his room, turned down the radio that he slept with and sat on the side of the bed. The 'someone' then asked to borrow a cd. When he turned to answer him, no one was there and those in the house were all asleep!

My wonderful haunted house went on like this for about a year when I made my now ex-boyfriend move out and the same day one of my best friends moved into the 2nd bedroom. Here was a new person in the house with 2 kids of her own and new and exciting experiences about to happen. I never told her or her kids about 'The Man.' I just assumed that since it was all the imagination of a 3 year old, that it was gone for good. I didn't realize all of the vibes I had been picking up on this entire time were all real. I moved her in because I didn't want to be there alone. When I was alone, I felt someone there with me, watching me. One bright sunny day, her oldest son, who was 5 at the time, started talking about the 'Ugly man.' oh great! I thought, here we go again. This time though, the man took a liking to her kids and would talk to them constantly. You would walk into their room, which used to be my ex's sons room, and you would see the kids talking to the air. It was very disturbing. I still had a hard time sleeping in the house and one evening I went to my parents to get some rest. My friend and her oldest son were in my room watching the television since it was the only one hooked up at the time. Philip, her son was trying to watch the show, but kept looking to the side of the bed. 'The Man' was talking to him asking him if he wanted to play. He asked Philip if he wanted a carrot. (strange, I know, but there is a reason) Philip said no, he didn't want a carrot, mommy do you want a carrot? My friend told him no and Philip relayed the message to the man. Then Philip stood up, looked behind the headboard of my bed and said "yep, there's a carrot back there." My friend thought all of this was getting too strange and so she told her son if he told the man to shut up and leave him alone, he would go away. Philip did this and the next thing my friend knew, he was screaming and holding on to her for dear life. "That's my mommy! Don't hurt her!" Needless to say, she had had enough and left my room for the evening.

The next morning she told me of the events of the night and then she looked behind my bed. I had an Easter tree stored there that was in the shape of a carrot. As for me, I did fall asleep one evening in my room with the door open while my friend was in the living room chatting with friends on the computer. I will mention now that the door to my room was directly off of the living room. She could see in the whole time I was asleep. I came out of this sleep with my heart racing and screaming because I couldn't catch my breath. Just then my friend walked in and asked what had been wrong. She had been trying to wake me earlier and couldn't. She said it was like I was fighting something with everything I had. I don't remember any of that part, just the waking more scared than I ever had been.

She moved into her own apartment soon after that and I moved back in with my parent. Needless to say, I got rid of that house. I wonder who lives there now and if they have visits from "The Man."

Crystal Hubbell, OH, USA
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