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Best Friends Forever (1)

Jason Daniel Roberts, Florida, USA
February 2001

Let me begin by telling you that I have never believed in ghosts or the paranormal up until a year ago. I am the type of person who needs to have stern proof in order to believe in something. To tell you the truth, I don't believe anyone when it comes to ghost stories. I don't expect any of you out there to believe me, but I feel like I have to tell someone who may be willing to believe me.

Jenny and I met one day about 9 years ago. Her dog always managed to escape and run into my yard. Being the kind 10 year old neighbour I was, I gladly brought her dog back (several times a week). Slowly but surely we developed a friendship that had stood the test of time. There wasn't anything we didn't know about each other. We were inseparable and weird as it may seem, I think we still are.

Jenny and I did everything with each other, from going out together to buying the same cars. I really cant remember ever telling her that I loved her, but I am sure she knew. My family and hers had already predicted that one day we would get married, we just shrugged it off. I think in the back of our minds we both knew it was inevitable.

Jenny died September 7, 2000, a week before my 19 birthday. It hurts me still to even write that and I am not ashamed to say that I am crying right now. Jenny was a speed freak when it came to cars. She loved nothing more than racing, its ironic that's what killed her.

She was driving home from work on the 7th, it must have been near eleven. She was the Assistant Manager of a Pet Store, she always wanted to be a veterinarian and felt she could learn some stuff by working there.

Jenny was stopped at a red light when a car stopped next to her and revved his engine. Jenny could never turn down a challenge, so, when the light turned green they both took off. Jenny didn't make it home that night. The police say she lost control of the car and hit a concrete light post, she died instantly.

I had fallen asleep downstairs on the couch that night, I was watching a movie, My Best Friend's Wedding, to be exact. When I woke up I noticed the TV screen was blue and that the movie had been over for a while. I turned off all the lights and made my way up the stairs. I felt sick to my stomach all of a sudden and ran to the bathroom. When I finally felt good enough to go to my room a picture of Jenny and my prom was propped on my bed. This was the weirdest thing to me because I knew that everyone had fallen asleep before I had. I picked up the frame and it shocked me, not like the shock you feel when you touch the screen of a TV, it was different, it really did feel like electricity. I immediately dropped the frame and stood there awestruck. I don't why I called Jenny's house that night, I usually wouldn't dare call so late at night, but I did and no one answered. I knew something was wrong because I had slept in there house several times and they are all light sleepers.

I decided to drive to Jenny's house and they weren't there. I then began to drive to Jenny's job when halfway there I saw an incredible number of police cars and ambulances. I also saw George and Martha, Jenny's parents. They were hysterical and couldn't even put together what had just happened, I have never felt so bad in my life. I couldn't believe my best friend was not with me anymore, but I was wrong.

Her parents asked me to read the eulogy at her burial, they said no one knew her better than me. I was standing at the podium in front of friends and family from both sides of our families. What happened next, I can never explain. I saw her standing in the doorway. I began to cry uncontrollably and her and my parents tried to calm me down, but I know what I saw. It was as if she had never died and was standing there as real as I am. She was there for what must have been a second or two, but she looked beautiful and she smiled at me.

It's been four months now and I still feel Jenny sometimes. I dream with her constantly and in one dream she told me that she loved me and that she will always miss me. I woke up that night with an overwhelming sense of peace.

I don't think I will ever heal completely from this and sometimes I think I can't go on, but I remind myself of Jenny's love for life and I move on.

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts, I truly am grateful.

Jason Daniel Roberts, Florida, USA
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