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Beth's Entities

October 1998

Imet and became friends with this girl Beth in my freshman year of college. We kept in touch and decided to room together our junior year. The place we rented was an older house, which had been remodeled and was split into two apartments. She moved into the house in May (along with her 2 cats, which we weren't supposed to have), and I moved in the end of August, when the fall semester started. She told me when I moved in that weird stuff had been going on, but she didn't tell me about it and wanted to see if it would happen to me first.

Right away, stuff happened. Of course, the cats would run around and play at night, and jump onto our beds, etc. But every night, whether the cats were in my room or not, I could feel something jump onto the foot of my bed, step over my legs a few times, and either plop down on the end or jump off again. There were times (at first) that I would raise my head up and look to see if there was an actual cat on my bed, but the cats would either not be there or would be at the top of the bed by my head. I was completely petrified...I could only only muster enough guts to pull my legs up to my chest so I didn't have to feel it.

The same exact things happened to Beth in the next room as well. She would also hear scratching noises coming from her closet. These I never heard.

Finally, I got to where I would not go to bed until I was so tired I would fall asleep immediately. The thing would still walk around my legs, but I would fall asleep fast enough that it wouldn't bother me. And every morning, if I wasn't out of bed by 8:00, the "entity" would start walking around on my bed again. (This really made me mad because I didn't have a class until noon). This continued for a few months. One night, I woke up to a noise in the kitchen. It sounded like somebody was going through the cabinets and throwing the plastic bowls on the floor. I assumed Beth was up for some reason. I asked her the next morning what she was doing last night, and she said she hadn't gotten up.

There was another night that I woke up in the middle of the night and smelled something very a wet cat. It wasn't raining and the cats didn't go outside. I convinced myself it wasn't anything to worry about and went back to sleep.

Beth had put up a crucifix (we were both Catholic) in every other room but mine...she left that up to me. My room had a "back door" to it...although you really couldn't use it because it had no stairs. When I finally brought a crucifix from my parents' home and put it over that back door, everything stopped...for a while, that is.

After things quieted down, I started to notice how weird Beth was. She seemed halfway normal before we moved in together, but then she turned psycho. One week, she would be my best friend. The next week, she acted like she hated me and she was a total bitch. And she went back and forth like that for months. Whatever this thing was, it seemed to be more interested in Beth. One night, she was in her room with a guy friend of hers, with the lights off. She had the window open and the cats were sitting in the window sill. I was in the living room watching TV. All of a sudden, the cats come tearing into the living room (looking quite terrorized), and immediately turned around and ran back into her bedroom. Then she and her friend came in saying that something had knocked on her window. (Think about it...if it had been a person knocking on the window, the cats wouldn't have been scared, they would've been curious).

A few days later, she was in the bathroom getting ready for work (I was was kind of early in the morning). There was a small hallway next to the bathroom...the bathroom was the only door in this hallway. Anyway, something knocked on the underneath side of the hallway floor hard enough for her to see the floor moving.

One night, she came home from work, we small-talked for a couple minutes, and she went into the bathroom. Now this bathroom door was rather difficult to shut. You really had to pull on it to get it to latch. The only time we really latched or locked it is when we were showering. She was in there for a minute, then she screamed and threw the bathroom door open and ran out. She hadn't even zipped up. The door had latched and locked on her while she was in there.

Finally, I said, "That's it." I obtained some holy water from my grandma and sprinkled the entire house. Things slowed down again.

Beth moved out a few months before I did, leaving me in the house with the entity alone. Once she left, however, so did it. Nothing weird happened once she was gone. Another friend of mine told me that she never got an uneasy feeling in this house except for when Beth was there.

I have since put a few things together. Beth had a rough childhood and experienced physical problems later in life because of childhood abuse. I have since learned that paranormal entities tend to attach themselves to people with mental disorders, which I believe Beth had because of her strange behavior.

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