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Beyond A Shadow of A Doubt!

September 2000

Alot of people in their lifetime have supernatural experiences ..and yes once I would not have believed any of them until one night....

It was a hot summer night I was 20 years old at the time . My sister-in-law was living with my husband and I . We had a 6 month old daughter and we were living in a two bedroom apartment . I remember this night as if it was yesterday and i still get chills thinking about it . I had a really long day. You know those kind of days when you can't wait until its bedtime ? So I decided to go to bed early .

In our bedroom it was dark due to the fact my husband hung a blanket over the window because the street light shone into our bedroom so bright and we like it to be dark when we sleep. Anyways, I finally fell asleep when in the middle of the night I heard someone in my bedroom. Automatically I assumed it was my sister-in-law so I rolled over to find out what she was doing and all I noticed was a dark tall very tall shadow as of a big man standing next to my bed! Well trying very hard for this man not to hear me I whispered to my husband " honey ..honey !" He then replied "what?" I said "I think there is someone in our room !" So then my husband moved the blanket away from the window to draw light into the room and the figure vanished! He then put the blanket back and within ten seconds the figure started as a cloud at the ceiling and then moved down and formed a figure of a man . Then I said "honey did you see that!?" he replied "yes are you thinking what I am thinking ?" We were so frightened we began praying and the figure left, Now to this day we don't know what that figure wanted or what it was but I do know one thing I now know beyond a shadow of No doubt the supernatural does exist!

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