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Beyond The Grave

Ann, NY, USA
June 2003

My father worked as a caller/dispatcher for the railroad. His job was to call the conductor's in when it was there turn to drive or if another conductor called off. Money was very tight for my mother and him at that time.

To make extra money he would fill in for other caller/dispatcher's, sometimes in other towns. Well when he arrived in these other towns he would call my mother let the phone ring three times and hang up and then call back let the phone ring twice and again hang up, this was his way of telling her he loved her and he was in for the night.

In April of 1984, my father passed away in his sleep of a heart attack. The night of his funeral, my mother and grandmother were sitting in the dining room talking. It was about 10:15 and the phone rang three times and stopped and then again the phone rang twice and stopped. My mother got the biggest smile on her face. My grandmother then asked her what could she be smiling about. My mother just laughed a sigh of relief and said it was Wally (my father) calling to say he loved her and he was in for the night.

I know this wasn't a scary ghost story. But an experience that helped me and my mother through the hardest time of our lives. It's nice to think that love last's beyond the grave.

Ann, NY, USA
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