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Bike accident

May 2024

A month ago, I was riding my bike home after school and I was in a pretty bad mood because of school stuff. My mind was pre-occupied and I was thinking about random stuff until at a point, I took a turn and motor bike came straight at me. It didn't hit me. Instead it turned at the right time. But me being a scaredy cat lost balance and fell off my bike. The person who rode the motor bike stopped and turned around to help me.

He was a really sweet person. He helped me up and kind of fixed my bike's chain because of the fall. It was also raining and my jacket had gotten all dirty and messed up, he handed me his coat. After that he insisted on walking me home because my knee got injured. He also took my bike in hand. I agreed and we started walking. He introduced himself as Gavin and he was 19 and I introduced myself. We talked and I ended up telling him about what was bothering me and at some points he laughed. Some points he supported me.

We were about to reach my street but I thought it would be wise to let him drop me by my street instead of my house for reasons like 'stranger danger' and my strict parents. So I let him drop me by my street. Before leaving he told me "Life is like a broken puzzle which sometimes you need to either stick or tape the torn pieces into a complete one to let the whole puzzle make sense."

Believe it or not that advice made so much sense. We said our good byes and before leaving he placed a kiss on my forehead. I was touched and I might have grown to have a slight crush right there. We parted ways, and here's where things didn't make sense.

I must have taken two steps before I turned around to watch him leave but he wasn't there. It was as if he disappeared into thin air. I took a turn and tried searching for him but he wasn't there. He could not have possibly run that fast for him to completely disappear. Even if he did run, I should have heard his footsteps. But he wasn't there. I reached home and sat down on my bed recalling this whole experience. From the almost crash to me leaving him outside my street. I realised except for his name I didn't know anything about him. I did ask him once where he studied. But he seemed almost hesitant to answer until he told me 'Some college in Amsterdam'.

The next day while I was biking to school I stopped seeing a black coat. I picked it up and the sense of chills ran through me because it was the same coat Gavin handed to me. It had the initials G.K. On the sleeves. I was scared and didn't believe what was going on because why would Gavin's coat be lying on the middle of the bike path? I left the coat and I was paranoid the whole day.

Later that night, I saw a dream of my dead best-friend who passed away 3 years ago. He was there with me and we were simply talking until I saw his motor bike which he was sitting on while I was sitting on some rock. The motor bike seemed so familiar and then it clicked for me. It was Gavin's motor bike. I looked up at my best friend and pointed at the bike with a very paranoid expression. He looked down at the bike and then up at me with a playful smirk... I woke up sweating and panting at that dream. Nothing made sense at that point.

This whole experience made me want to believe I was crazy. I tried talking to my friends here but they said I was going insane. Maybe I am. I don't know if I need help. But when I think about it, the whole experience may have been confusing and extreme, but not once I was feeling scared with Gavin. I just don't know what he was. If he was even real.

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