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Billy (1)

Dee McIntosh, Michigan, USA
April 1999

I had driven by the house every day and my husband and I were looking for a new place to live, since our house had burned down. Well there was this empty house and it had no sign on it. It was a very large house two story. I finally found out who owned it and we purchased it. We were told it was haunted but we disregarded that altogether. We did not believe in ghosts. We had lived in the house for two weeks and I was all alone and I decided to go the store and I drove out of the driveway and onto the road and I came around in front of my house to the stop sign in front and I looked at my house and there was a man standing in the door watching me, I couldn't believe my eyes. He was a handsome man of about 40 he had dark hair and dark eyes and he was wearing blue jeans and a dark green t shirt.

I went to the store and tried to forget about the man. When I came back I looked all through the house and there was no one there. Besides other things had been happening like lights coming on and going off faucets turning on and radios and TV's coming on full blast, everyone getting clawed by some unseen thing and me having de ja vu about the house all the time. I felt I had been in the house many times.

Then one night my son and his friend went down to the basement and played with an Ouija board. Pretty soon they were screaming "mom come here there is a man on this board who says he killed you and his name is Billy and he wants to talk to you!". So I went down the basement and talked to the man he said he was my husband back in the 18th century and he said he had shot me in this house and our kids and himself. He asked me if I could forgive him. I said "you killed my kids too?" He said "yes", I said "how many did I have?" he said "three, Billy 12, Cecil 5 and Sara 2". I said "I guess I can forgive you since I can't remember it happening but if I could remember it I know I would say no". He said my son I have now who is Jim was our son Billy back in time. Well I asked him what his full name was and he said "Billy Benson" and he said my name had been Diane Benson and this was a church and he was the preacher here and that he killed us all. He told me where to find his grave stone and I went and found it, it said William on it.

This house is so haunted it isn't funny and so many things go on here and I continue to have de ja vu and I have lived here for 7 years. I have seen Billy many times and he say he still loves me.

Dee McIntosh, Michigan, USA
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