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Bite Marks

NSW, Australia
December 2000

This is a true story it happened to me about 3 months ago.

I live near in Australia and unlike many here I am surrounded by bush, I have lived here all my life and only within the past three months have I ever felt scared about where I live.

I have 5 sisters and one night they all went out to dinner because it was my sisters birthday, I couldn't go because I was just getting over the chicken pox and didn't want to be seen in public with red bumps all over me. So I stayed home alone, I hired some videos and had planned to watch scary movies all night. Although I had watched some scary movies I'm sure this was real, actually I know this was real.

I was just getting into the good part of one of the movies when I heard one of my 3 dogs barking, this isn't unusual because with possums running across our roof so they tend to yap a lot, but I could only hear one. I thought the other two must have got out of the yard or something so I got up and turned on the porch light. I called out their names about five or so times each when I realized Tosh, the dog that was barking was now quiet. This is very unusual for him being a German Shepherd and being so protective, so I went to see where he was. I went around the corner of my house where the light didn't shine and called out to all three dogs then out of the corner of my eye I saw a light brown coat run past a tree. Relieved to see one of my dogs a gave a little sigh and told him to come here. When he didn't I just thought that he must have found something like a bone so I just went back inside.

I started to watch the movie again and about ten more minutes into it I heard something scraping against the door, once again I just thought it was one of my dogs and ignored it. When it became louder I got up and walked over to the door I opened it but nothing was there, so I closed the door locked it and no sooner had I taken 2 steps had the noise started again. By now I was pretty freaked out, I decided not to watch anymore movies so I turned it off and got on-line. I started talking on ICQ. I was wondering where my parents were because they said they would try not to be long. It takes about an hour to get anywhere from my house so I was guessing they should be back about 12pm but it was 1am now. I decided to go to sleep because I was tired and a little scared about the sound before.

I pulled my sheets up and turned off my light and then our sensor light outside was flickering on and off about 5 minutes apart. I didn't really know what to do so I tried to ignore it but as soon as I was drifting off into sleep I heard this weird sound like a dog yelping in pain but it was long and louder. I was so freaked out now I was stiff in my bed I had left the window open and thought whatever it was could jump through it. So I slowly reached for the phone by my bed and dragged it under my sheet. I dialled my mums number and prayed to god that whatever it was could not hear the little beeps. When mum answered I had a shaky voice, I asked her where she was and if she'd be home soon she said she would be about 10 minutes. So I lay petrified in bed until I heard the soft purring of my mums car. I jumped up and ran to the door, I didn't unlock it until she was in sight and when she came in she asked if I knew what had happened to the dogs, I said no then she told me that a friend 20 minutes away saw them walking past her house. She took them into her backyard and rang mum on her mobile, she did this because she figured she must not have been home.

She told mum this as soon as soon as my mum had left and was taking care of the dogs the whole time mum was gone.

The next morning I went outside to see if there was any animal footprints to explain what I had heard, and under my window, on the wood, there were bite marks.

I still don't know what it was but I don't hear any sounds anymore and I don't stay home alone anymore.

NSW, Australia
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